How to Get Page Numbers on Kindle

Track your reading progress with Kindle page numbers

What to Know

  • On a Kindle, Open a book > tap at the top of the screen > Aa > More > Reading Progress > Page in Book.
  • On the Kindle app, open a book, tap the middle of the screen > Aa > More > Reading Progress > Page in Book.
  • Not all books have page numbers, as it depends if the publisher provides them. Locations are more accurate.

This article teaches you how to make your Kindle show page numbers instead of the location on any book you're reading. It looks at how to do so on Kindle and the Kindle app.

How Do I Get My Kindle to Show Page Numbers Instead of Location?

By default, all Kindles show locations instead of page numbers to tell you where you are in a book or manuscript. Kindles use a location number because of different font sizes, which affect page numbers. However, they're not always helpful for users. Here's how to get your Kindle to show page numbers instead.

  1. On your Kindle, tap the book you're reading.

    Kindle with a book title highlighted.
  2. Tap the top part of the screen.

  3. Tap Aa.

    Kindle with Aa highlighted at top of the screen.
  4. Tap More.

    Kindle with More highlighted on options.
  5. Tap Location in book.

    Kindle with Location in book highlighted in Options.

    It may be listed differently. Tap whatever is to the right of Reading Progress if so.

  6. Tap Page in book.

    Kindle with Page in book highlighted in Options.
  7. Your Kindle will now display which page number you're on.

Can You Get Actual Page Numbers on Kindle?

The process is slightly different if you want to see page numbers on the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet. Here's what to do.

'True' page numbers that match up with a physical book are impossible as it depends on what font size your Kindle is using. 

  1. Open the Kindle app.

  2. Tap Library.

  3. Tap the book you wish to read.

  4. Tap the middle of the screen.

    Steps required on Kindle app to open options.
  5. Tap Aa.

  6. Tap More.

  7. Tap Reading Progress.

    Kindle app with options for changing reading progress highlighted.
  8. Tap to enable or disable how you wish to view what stage you're at it in the book—i.e. tap page in book to enable page numbers.

Why Can’t I See Page Numbers on My Kindle?

If you can't see page numbers on your Kindle, this might be for a few different reasons. Here's a look at the key ones.

  • You haven't enabled page numbers. If you haven't switched over to page numbers, you need to follow the instructions above to see them. 
  • Your Kindle is too old. Kindle firmware 3.1 and above makes it possible to view page numbers. If you have an older device such as a first or second-generation Kindle, you can't see page numbers, and there's no option to do so.
  • The book does not support page numbers. Some titles don't support page numbers and only offer locations. It's up to the publisher to provide users with page numbers.
  • You need to reboot your Kindle. Most technology and gadgets issues resolve if you reboot the device. Try rebooting it before worrying too much. 
  • How do I buy a book on a Kindle?

    To buy books for your Kindle, navigate to, click the menu on the top left, and select Kindle E-Readers and Books. Go to Kindle Store > Kindle Books, browse or search for books, and click the one you want. Click the Deliver to dropdown menu, select your device, and complete your purchase. Your book should appear in your Kindle library.

  • How do I share Kindle books?

    To share Kindle books, go to your Amazon account and select Manage Your Content and Devices. Select the button to the left of the book you want to loan and select Loan This Title. Fill in the recipient's email address, enter your name, and type a message if you like. When you're ready, select Send Now to lend your Kindle book.

  • How do I get free books on Kindle?

    To get free books for your Kindle, navigate to Amazon's Top 100 Free section to download any titles you want. Also, if your public library has a subscription to the OverDrive e-book service, then you can borrow free Kindle books from your library in a process similar to checking out a paper book.

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