How to Display Only Unread Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird

Hiding Read Emails Avoids Distraction

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Displaying Unread Emails. / Getty Images

Unread messages are not always unread, but they are always important (I often mark messages unread if I have read them, but they still require attention). All the read messages in the same folder only distract from them. Let's hide them!

Display Only Unread Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird

To see only unread mail in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Make sure the View item is in your toolbar.
    • Select View | Toolbars | Customize... from the menu.
    • Drag and drop View to the toolbar.
  • Select Unread from the View: toolbar item.

As an alternative, you can use the Quick View toolbar:

  • Press Ctrl-F (Windows, Linux) or Command-F (Mac).
  • Make sure only Show only unread messages is selected under Quick Filter:.
    • You can combine focussing on unread messages with other search criteria and terms, of course.

Display Only Unread Messages in Mozilla, Netscape Messenger and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9

To display only the unread messages in a folder with Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla:

  • Select View | Messages | Unread from the menu.

To bring back all the read mail, choose View | Messages | All.