How to See Lyrics in Apple Music

Select the More menu next to the song title

What to Know

  • Lyrics automatically scroll when viewing a playing song in the Music app.
  • You need an Apple Music subscription to see lyrics. 
  • To view a song's entire lyrics, tap the three dots next to it, and tap View Full Lyrics.

This article teaches you how to view lyrics on Apple Music and information about the song. It also looks at what to do if you can't see the lyrics. 

How to View Lyrics in the Apple Music iPhone App?

Viewing lyrics while listening to music on your iPhone is pretty simple. Here's what to do.

To view lyrics, you need to have an Apple Music subscription.

  1. Tap Music.

  2. Find a song by tapping Browse, Search or finding something in your playlists.

  3. Tap the song to play it and view lyrics in the same place.

  4. Lyrics will now play in time with the song. Tap on a line to move to that part of the song.

    Steps required to view the lyrics of a song while they play in Apple Music app.

How Do I See Song Info on Apple Music?

While viewing song lyrics, it's also possible to learn more about the song, including the album name, whether it has lossless quality, and other details. Here's where to look.

  1. Tap Music.

  2. Find the song you wish to learn more about.

  3. Play the song.

  4. Swipe up from where the song is listed within Music.

  5. The album name is listed under the song title, and above the playback line.

  6. It's also possible to view what quality the song is and whether it offers lossless quality by looking for the description under the playback line.

    Steps required to view details about a song in Apple Music app.

How to View Full Lyrics on a Song On Apple Music

If you want to view all the song's lyrics at once, it's also possible to do this via the Apple Music app. Here's where to look and what to do.

  1. Tap Music.

  2. Find the song you wish to read the lyrics of.

  3. Tap the three horizontal dots next to the song name.

  4. Tap View Full Lyrics.

    Steps required to view Full Lyrics in Apple Music app.

How to Share Lyrics With Someone

If you want to share some of a song's lyrics with someone, there's a simple option you can choose to do so. Here's what to do.

  1. Tap Music.

  2. Find the song you wish to share lyrics from.

  3. Tap the three horizontal dots next to the song name. 

  4. Tap Share Lyrics.

  5. Tap the line you wish to share.

    Scroll down with your finger to view other lines.

  6. Choose how to share the line with your iPhone displaying your most recent contacts. 

    Steps required to share song lyrics with someone via Apple Music.
  7. Tap Send as if you were sending a regular message.

What to Do If Lyrics Don’t Work on Apple Music

One of the main reasons why lyrics aren't showing is because you might have enabled content restrictions in Settings. Here's where to look.

Lyrics also are not available if you don't have an Apple Music subscription. 

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap Screen Time.

  3. Tap Content and Privacy Restrictions.

  4. Toggle Content & Privacy Restrictions to Off.

    Steps required to fix lyrics not working in Apple Music.

    You may need to enter your phone PIN to do so.

  5. Lyrics should now work again. 

  • How do I see my top artists on Apple Music?

    To see your top artists on Apple Music, tap Listen Now. Next, under Replay: Your Top Songs by Year, select a Replay for any year > tap See All to view your top artists for that year.

  • How do I share a playlist on Apple Music?

    To share a playlist on Apple Music, go to Library > Playlists. Find the playlist you want to share and tap More (three dots) > Share Playlist. Choose from your available sharing options, such as text or email, and send your playlist to a friend.

  • What does the star mean on Apple Music?

    If you see a star next to a track, it means it's a popular song. Stars appear next to the most popular tracks enjoyed by all Apple Music members.

  • How do I put a song on repeat on Apple Music?

    To put a song on repeat in Apple Music, say, "Hey Siri, repeat this song." Or, in the Apple Music app, play the song you want to repeat, then tap it at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, tap the Playing Next icon > Repeat.

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