How to Show Email Headers in Windows Mail and Outlook

See hidden message details in an email's header

What to Know

  • Open the message in a separate window and select File > Info > Properties.
  • Windows Mail and Outlook display only essential header details.

This article explains how to view hidden details stored within the header to track an email error or analyze and report email spam.

How to Show the Mail Header in Outlook

Find Microsoft Outlook header information from the message's Properties window. To find it, open the message in a separate window, go to the File tab and select Info, then select Properties.

Using a Different Email Service?

Most email providers and clients let you view a message's header. You can do this in Microsoft's email programs and also through Gmail, macOS Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Yahoo Mail.

Headers in Windows Mail

In previous iterations of Windows Mail clients, like Windows Live Mail, features like header details were available, but Microsoft has positioned Windows Mail as a free, ultra-lightweight email client with only the basics.

If you'd like to access more advanced header information for your emails, while there are some third-party software solutions for Windows Mail, using an email client like Outlook is easier and simpler.

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