How to Show the Favorites Bar in the Edge Browser

See all your favorite websites at a glance

The Favorites bar in Microsoft Edge makes your bookmarked web pages more readily accessible. Located below the address field where URLs are displayed and entered, the Edge Favorites bar is hidden by default, so you must first make it visible.

Microsoft Edge is only available for Windows 10. Other versions of Windows come with Internet Explorer and support third-party browsers like Google Chrome.

How to View the Edge Favorites Bar

To see the Favorites bar in Edge:

  1. Select the ellipses (...) in the upper-right corner of Microsoft Edge and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

    Microsoft Edge with the Settings option highlighted
  2. Select Appearance on the left side of the Settings page.

    Settings in Edge with the Appearance heading highlighted
  3. Set Show favorites bar to Always or Only on new tabs.

    The Edge Appearance settings with the Show Favorites Bar options highlighted
  4. To add websites to the Favorite bar, select the star on the right side of the search bar, then choose Manage Favorites.

    Edge with the Favorites menu and Manage Favorites option highlighted

As you add more sites to the favorites bar, the text can take up a lot of space and look cluttered. If you prefer to see icons rather than text, right-click each website and select Show icon only.

If you have favorites and bookmarks in other browsers that you want to use, import your bookmarks into Edge.

Edge with the Show Icon Only option for a bookmark highlighted