Free Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Get free stuff from Disney with these free movie rewards codes

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Everyone loves freebies, and Disney Movie Rewards codes offer quite a few. You can enter online to get free goodies like Disney movies, gift cards, toys, and just about anything else that's Disney related.

You can get free Disney Movie Rewards codes for taking surveys, participating in Facebook challenges, and clicking on their monthly newsletters.

Sign Up for an Account

Before you can enter any of the Disney Movie Rewards codes, you must visit Disney Movie Rewards and sign up for an account if you don't already have one. It's free and easy to join. The site explains the many ways in which you can earn points and what rewards you can redeem for them.

Take Surveys

You can earn free Disney Movie Rewards codes by taking these surveys: 

You can only take each of then once, but they're a great way for new members to start earning points. 

Earn Rewards on Facebook

Go to the Disney Movie Rewards Facebook page to play the Disney Challenge and get a free 5-point code. It's available on the first and third Mondays of each month. You'll be asked some basic questions about Disney movies and characters. They're a lot of fun and you get the points no matter how you score on the challenge.

Free Codes in Newsletters

Disney Movie Rewards sends out a newsletter each month and occasionally at other times during the year. Scroll to the bottom and look for the mystery point icon. Click on it and you'll get 1 to 5 free Disney Movie Rewards points.

More Free Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Free Disney Movie Rewards codes are also available on an irregular basis through puzzles and crosswords offered on the Disney Movie Rewards web page or the Facebook page. These are usually available as the holidays approach.

Find Codes in DVDs

Disney Movie Rewards codes can be found on select Disney DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs. Just look for the Disney Movie Rewards sheet within the sleeve and you'll find a code that you can enter on the website.

Get Rewards for Seeing Disney Movies at the Theater

You can upload photos of ticket stubs when you see certain Disney movies at the theater and this will get you even more points. 

Redeeming Your Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Browse the Disney Movie Rewards Catalog to see all the available rewards you can get with your codes. You can search by point level, categories, and studio. This makes it really easy to find a reward that you or your kids will like.

You can use your free Disney Movie Rewards codes to get freebies like Disney DVDs and Blu-rays, clothing, accessories, collectibles, electronics, gift cards, movie memorabilia, toys, and much more.