Diskpart Command (Recovery Console)

How to Use the Diskpart Command in the Windows XP Recovery Console

The diskpart command is a Recovery Console command used to create or delete partitions on hard drives.

Diskpart Command Availability

The diskpart command is available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. A diskpart command is also available from the Command Prompt and is used to start the DiskPart tool.

Managing partitions is also possible without the use of a command from within any version of Windows using the Disk Management tool.

Diskpart Command Syntax

diskpart /add

/add = The /add option will create a new partition on the specified hard drive.

diskpart /delete

/delete = This option will remove a specified partition on a specified hard drive.

Diskpart Command Examples

diskpart /add \Device\HardDisk0 5000

In the above example, the diskpart command creates a 5,000 MB partition on the hard drive located at \Device\HardDisk0.

diskpart /delete \Device\HardDisk0\Partition1

In the above example, the diskpart command will remove the Partition1 partition located on the hard drive \Device\HardDisk0.

diskpart /delete G:

In the above example, the diskpart command will remove the partition currently assigned the drive letter G.

Diskpart Related Commands

The fixboot, fixmbr, and bootcfg commands are often used with the diskpart command.

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