Discord Launches New PS4 and PS5 Account Integration

Gradually rolling out to American gamers first

Starting today, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to connect their PlayStation Network (PSN) account to their Discord account and show off what games they’re playing.

This new integration is pretty limited in scope as it slowly rolls out to gamers in the United States first. This new integration is the result of a partnership that Sony and Discord announced back in May 2021 as the two work to connect the two communities. Although small in scale, there may be more on the horizon, with Discord mentioning it’s looking forward to continuing its partnership with the gaming giant.

PSN and Discord integration


This new feature will be available on every platform Discord is on, from Windows computers to Android devices. You can connect your Discord account by going into the app's User Settings and signing in to your PSN account. You can also configure how you want to display information.

Discord mentions you'll need to change your PSN Privacy Setting to "Anyone" in order to display what game you're playing to friends. It's unknown when this integration will roll out to other countries, with Discord simply stating "soon."

Linking your PSN account in discord


It’s also worth pointing out that Sony Interactive Entertainment made a small investment into Discord, so this business relationship probably runs deeper than a simple app integration and may lead to new exclusive features.

We don’t know how they plan to expand, but if it’s any indication, Discord is beta testing a new Account Switcher feature that allows users with multiple accounts to easily switch between them.

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