Discord Is Now Testing YouTube Integration

A new Watch Together feature has popped up

Discord has started testing a new integration feature for YouTube, which lets users watch videos together.

The new feature for YouTube integration is called "Watch Together." Watch Together started appearing in servers on Wednesday, according to The Verge. While the number of available servers is unclear, Discord does have it available within its Game Labs server

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This move comes only a few weeks after YouTube began sending cease and desist letters to several popular Discord music bots. The music bots, which would allow users to queue up YouTube videos to listen to in a Discord channel, were forced to shut down, leaving millions of users that relied on them without a way to share music directly in Discord.

While the new Watch Together system isn’t widely available yet, it looks to allow users to paste YouTube links into a search bar directly. Unlike Discord’s current streaming feature, though, Watch Together also will allow users to share the remote with other users watching at the time. 

It also looks like the feature works hand-in-hand with YouTube to ensure that ads are being played through any of the streams that it runs.

It’s unclear how long the feature will remain in testing or how much it might change before the official release, but at least users have something official to look forward to now that the music bots are all going offline.

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