Discord Drops a $3 Basic Subscription Tier, an Activities Feature, and More

Introducing the $3 per month Nitro Basic plan

Gaming-centric social platform Discord just unveiled a budget-friendly premium subscription for those looking to jump into the fray.

The new Nitro Basic plan costs just $3 per month but offers plenty of bang for your buck, with full access to custom-made animated emojis, file uploads up to 50MB, unique profile badges, and more. As a reference, higher-priced tiers offer 100MB uploads, HD video streaming, custom profiles, and server boosts. 

Discord Nitro Basic


In other words, the Basic plan is for those new to Discord who are curious about membership subscriptions. This new tier launches globally on October 20, though it has already been available in a beta form throughout the UK since the summer. 

Discord has also officially launched the long-rumored Activities feature across the entire platform. This lets Discord users share a multitude of experiences without having to leave the app, including playing games, watching videos, and more. 

Most of the available games are only accessible to paying users, but Nitro users can invite non-subscribers to play once accessed. The expanded catalog of games includes Chess, Sketch Heads, and Putt Party (mini-golf.) The company says more experiences and activities will become available as developers build for the new platform. 

Discord is also letting developers charge users for Premium App Subscriptions, so users can pay to unlock features right on the site without having to head somewhere else first. This idea is still in its nascent stage, as developers haven’t really had the chance to build anything cool yet, though there is a new App Directory to help find add-ons. 

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