How to Disable AVG When It Crashes Your Computer

Use a rescue CD to deal with an AVG crash

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 Andrew Brookes/Getty Images

AVG Antivirus is a family of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, which is owned by Avast Software. The free software is reliable and is known to have good malware detection and malicious URL blocking capabilities, although some users feel its antiphishing detection rate could use improvement. In the past, some users complained that AVG Antivirus caused their Windows computers to crash. If a crash happens to your computer, here's how to recover.

Recovering From a PC Crash

The best way to recover from a PC crash caused by the AVG Antivirus software is with an AVG rescue CD or flash drive. 

  1. From a fully functioning computer, create an AVG rescue CD.

  2. Use the newly created AVG rescue CD to boot the crashed computer.

  3. After the AVG rescue CD has launched, open Utilities > File Manager.

  4. Using the AVG Rescue CD File Manager, navigate to the affected hard drive—usually /mnt/sda1/.

  5. Next, navigate to the AVG folder, which is usually under C:\Program Files\grisoft\.

  6. Rename the AVG folder.

  7. Close File Manager, remove the AVG rescue CD and reboot the computer normally.

  8. You can then reinstall AVG and update the definitions to a version that does not cause system crashes.

Crashes on Mac Computers

Most random AVG crashes occur on Windows PCs. With the Mac version of the software, crashes occur but less often and usually not randomly. In most cases, the crashes that occur on Macs happen when the Mac system software is upgraded. Apple has been quick to patch the problem with a new upgrade in the past.