How to Disable Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is designed to let very trusted users you designate to login and remotely manage your PC. While this can be useful for support purposes, attackers (and malware) can use it maliciously. Here's how to disable the Windows Remote Desktop, aka Remote Desktop Protocol, on your PC.


  • Windows XP users should follow steps 1 through 4
  • Windows 7 should skip to step 5 


  1. Open Control Panel
  1. Open System
  2. Select the Remote tab
  3. Uncheck Allow users to connect remotely to your computer and click OK
  4. On Windows 7, the Windows Remote Desktop is not enabled by default. If you've previously enabled it, follow steps 7 and below to disable it.
  5. Open Control Panel
  6. Open System And Security
  7. Open System
  8. Select Remote Settings from the left pane in System to open the System Properties dialog box for the Remote tab.
  9. Click Don’t Allow Connections To This Computer and then click OK.


  • For Windows 8, the process is similar to that for Windows 7. In Windows 8.1, the Remote Desktop section has been eliminated from the Remote tab. To regain this functionality, you must download the Remote Desktop app from the Windows Store and install it on your Windows 8.1 computer.

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