How to Disable Samsung Free

Get rid of of Samsung's newsfeed

What to Know

  • You can't uninstall the Samsung Free app.
  • Scroll to the left in Home screen edit mode to turn the Samsung Free toggle to off.
  • Use Samsung Free app settings to only disable specific channels in the app.

There's no way to uninstall the Samsung Free app, but it can be disabled. This article explains how to disable the Samsung Free app.

What Is Samsung Free?

Samsung is a content aggregator service which offers Samsung users with free access to news, music, and other media from one app. It's a newer generation of a former Samsung service known as Samsung Daily.

Any new Samsung phone running Android 11 and One UI 3.0 includes Samsung Free pre-installed. However, since this app appeared unexpectedly to many users without downloading and installing it, a number of users started looking for ways to get rid of it.

How to Get Rid of Samsung Free

You can't uninstall the Samsung Free app from your device, but you can disable it. The process to do this is fairly straightforward.

  1. Long press on any blank area on your home screen to bring up Android's home screen editing mode.

  2. Swipe all the way to the left-most screen and you'll see the Samsung Free window.

  3. Tap the toggle at the top of the screen to switch it to the Off position.

    Steps to turn off Samsung Free app.
  4. Now the Samsung Free window will no longer appear as the leftmost screen whenever you swipe all the way left on your phone.

How to Partially Disable Samsung Free

If you like some components of Samsung Free, you can leave the app enabled but customize it to your liking.

  1. Open your Samsung settings and tap Apps to access the App settings menu.

  2. Scroll down and tap on the Samsung Free app in the list.

  3. On the app info page, tap Samsung Free settings.

    Steps to take to get to Samsung Free's app settings.
  4. The Samsung Free settings page is where you can configure the behavior of the app itself. To customize what shows up on the Samsung Free page, tap Manage channels.

  5. This page is where you can tailor what content appears in the Samsung Free app. Every channel is a content category, with specific content channels enabled in each one of those categories. You can disable any or all of those channels if there are any you don't want to see by tapping the channel category.

    Managing which channels you'd like to see in the Samsung Free app.
  6. On the channel listing page, scroll down the list and tap the toggle to Off on any of the channels you don't want to see content for. If you want to disable the entire channel category, just toggle All channels to Off.

  7. Back on the Samsung Free settings page, there are additional ways you can customize the app. Scroll down the page to the Privacy section. Here you can disable whether Samsung Free can access your viewing or listening activities on your phone to customize content and ads you see in the app.

    Settings to control which channels inside a category remain on and a screen of privacy settings (displaying them switched off).

    To maintain control over your privacy, it's a good idea to decide which of these to settings, if any, to remain enabled. The example above shows the switched to the off position.

  • How do I delete an app on a Samsung phone?

    In most cases, you can remove an app from your Samsung phone by doing a long press on its icon and then tapping Uninstall. You can also go to Settings > Apps, select the app, and then choose Uninstall on the next screen. For system apps like Google, you won't see the uninstall option, but you can usually pick Disable to turn them off.

  • What is the Samsung Health app?

    Like Free, Samsung Health likely came pre-installed on your phone. It works with wearable fitness devices to track workouts, steps, and water intake. In older versions of Android, it was just called S Health.

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