How to Disable Link Sharing on Samsung

Send large images as attachments instead of a link

What to Know

  • Open a message (in the Samsung Messages app) and tap the image icon. Tap the link share icon. Link sharing is off.
  • Link sharing lets you share large files (5MB and up) using a link instead of the actual file.

This article explains how to turn off link sharing on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Turning Off Link Sharing on a Samsung Galaxy

The easiest way to turn off link sharing is through the Samsung Messages app.

  1. Open a message.

  2. Tap the image icon.

  3. Tap the link share icon on the bottom right. The icon should say off now. If not, tap it again.

    To turn on link sharing, follow these exact instructions but leave it when the icon says “on.”

What Is Samsung Link Sharing? 

Link sharing is part of Samsung Social, a feature that lets Galaxy smartphone users share photos and more.

It lets you share 5MB and larger files to other Samsung Galaxy smartphones using a link instead of the actual file. This feature can be convenient if you or the recipient has an older phone or limited data.

If you use link sharing when sending images or other files to a non-Galaxy smartphone, it will send it as an attachment.

Samsung Social also helps you quickly find other Galaxy users.

Link Sharing is also an app, so you can also go to Settings > Apps > Link Sharing > Disable to turn it off. You can also edit other settings for the app too including using it over Wi-Fi, auto-deleting expired files, and more.

  • What is Samsung Social?

    Samsung Social is a built-in feature you'll be able to access after you've created a Samsung account. Once you have your Samsung Social profile set (see below), you can share status messages, profile pictures, contact information, photos, videos, and more with family and friends. You'll also have a Samsung Social Timeline where you can upload pictures and other content for your contacts to see. You'll be able to see other contacts' information and content and comment on what they're posting on their timelines. You can also create a smaller group of close friends and family to communicate and share photos, videos, and comments privately.

  • How do you sign up for Samsung Social?

    You sign up for Samsung Social by registering a Samsung account. After you create your account, Samsung activates your Samsung Social profile in your Contacts app.

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