How to Disable JavaScript in the Opera Web Browser

Block it in just a few steps on some or all sites

Disabling JavaScript can improve browser speed and performance. Opera users who wish to disable JavaScript can do so in just a few easy steps.

This tutorial was created for users running Opera version 63 on macOS, but the steps are virtually the same for Opera in WindowsmacOS, and older Mac operating systems.

  1. Select Opera from the menu bar, then select Preferences.

    Preferences under the Opera menu
  2. Opera's Settings interface will display in a new tab. In the left-hand menu pane, select Advanced.

    The Advanced heading in Opera settings
  3. Select Site Settings.

    Site Settings in Opera
  4. Select JavaScript.

    The JavaScript heading in Opera Settings
  5. Slide the Allowed toggle to the left. The toggle button will gray out, and JavaScript will now be blocked on all pages.

    The Allowed switch for JavaScript in Opera

In addition to this all-or-nothing approach, Opera allows you to specify whether to allow JavaScript on specific web pages, entire sites, or domains. These lists are handled in the Block and Allow sections, located below the aforementioned toggles. Select Add to add a site to the Block or Allow list.