How to Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer 11

ie11 disable javascript
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While JavaScript is widely used on the Web it also poses the occasional security concern, prompting some to want to disable JS code from being executed within their browser. Internet Explorer 11 offers the ability to do just that, whether it be for safety reasons or something else entirely such as a development or testing exercise. This tutorial shows you how it's done on a Windows operating system in a couple of minutes or less.

How it's Done

First, open your IE11 browser. Click on the gear icon, also known as the Action or Tools menu, located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, click on Internet options. IE's Internet Options dialog should now be displayed, overlaying your browser window. Click on the Security tab.

IE's Security options should now be visible. Click on the Custom level button, located in the Security level for this zone section. The Internet Zone security settings should now be displayed. Scroll down until you locate the Scripting section.

To disable JavaScript and other active scripting components in IE11, first, locate the Active scripting subheading. Next, click on the accompanying Disable radio button. If you would rather be prompted each time a website attempts to launch any scripting code, select the Prompt radio button.