How to Disable Images in the Opera Web Browser

Opera browser loading too slowly? Try blocking images

image settings in Opera web browser screenshot

Whether you want to speed up page load times or simply don't want to see website images, Opera makes it easy to prevent them from loading automatically.

This tutorial was created for users running Opera in macOS, but the steps in Opera for Windows and older versions of Mac OS X are very similar.

To disable images from loading:

  1. Open Opera.

  2. Click Opera at the top left of your screen. When the drop-down menu appears, select Preferences.

    Opera > Preferences
  3. Opera's Settings interface should now be displayed in a new tab. Select Advanced from the bar on the left. This opens a drop-down submenu.

    Opera's advanced settings pane
  4. Select Privacy & security.

    Opera Advanced > Privacy & security
  5. Select Site Settings in the main pane, to the right of the bar.

  6. Select Images.

    Opera image loading preferences
  7. Click the button next to Show all (recommended) to toggle the option to the off position. The toggle button will gray out.

    Opera's Privacy and security options
  8. Opera offers the ability to add certain web pages or entire websites to both an image whitelist and a blacklist. This is useful if you would like images to render, or to be disabled, on specific sites only. To access this interface, click on Block or Allow accordingly and enter the site's address.

Many pages render incorrectly or not at all when their images are removed, and as a result, some content may become illegible.