How to Disable File Sharing in Shareaza

Turn off file sharing while you download from Shareaza

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Jagrutiben Patel / Getty Images

It's possible to disable file sharing in the Shareaza P2P client while still permitting downloads. Turning off file sharing conserves network bandwidth and prevents accidental sharing of copyrighted material.

Instructions in this article apply to Shareaza 2.7 for Windows.

How to Disable File Sharing in Shareaza

Follow these steps to disable music and other file sharing in Shareaza:

  1. Open Shareaza and select Tools > Share Files.

    Share Files menu item in Shareaza
  2. Select each of the folders listed, then select Remove.

    To select multiple files at once, hold the Shift key and select each file.

    Remove button in Shareaza Shared Folder manager
  3. When the folder list is empty, select OK.

    OK button in Shareaza Shared Folder manager
  4. Select Toos > Shareaza Settings.

    Shareaza Settings menu option in Tools
  5. In the left panel, go to the Internet section and select Uploads.

    Uploads option in Shareaza Settings
  6. In the Options section, clear the Share NEW partial downloads check box and the Share Preview Files check box.

    Checkboxes to deselect in Settings
  7. In the Queues section, select each file, then select Delete.

    Delete button in Queues section of Shareaza Settings
  8. Set the Limit per unique host to 0, then select OK.

    Limit per unique host option set to 0,