How to Disable File Sharing in Shareaza

Shareaza is a free, cross-network P2P software application. The Shareaza P2P client provides for file sharing (uploading) to be disabled while still permitting downloads. This can conserve network bandwidth and help prevent accidental sharing of copyrighted material. Follow these steps to disable music and other file sharing in Shareaza:

  1. Open the Tools menu. If the "Share Files..." option does not exist, skip to Step 7. Otherwise, choose "Share Files… ." A new Shared Folder Manager window appears.
  2. Use the Remove button to de-list any shared files shown. Note that this operation will not actually delete the files on your local hard drive. Click OK when the folder list is empty.
  3. From the Tools menu, next choose "Shareaza Settings… ." A new Settings window appears.
  4. Click the Internet/Uploads option in the left-hand side of the window. An updated list of settings appears.
  5. In the Options section in the upper right-hand size of the window, unselect both the "Share NEW partial downloads" and "Share Preview Files" options. Unselect these options by ensuring the checkmark does not appear inside the checkbox.
  6. In the Queues section, located in the lower right-hand size of the window, use the Delete button to de-list any items that appear. Click OK to save all settings.
  7. Finally, from the Tools menu, choose the "Shareaza Options…" option if it exists. A new Shareaza Options window opens.
  1. In this Options window, click the Sharing tab at the top, to open it.
  2. In the Limits section of the Sharing tab, find the Total Transfers option. Ensure it is set to zero (0). Note that this refers to upload transfers only, not downloads. Click OK to save all settings.