How to Disable the Control Center on the iPad

Turn off the iPad control center even when your apps are open


Did you know you can turn off the iPad's control center when you have an app open? The control center is a great feature. It provides quick access to volume and brightness controls as well as a quick way to turn features like Bluetooth on and off.

But it can also get in the way, especially when the app you have open requires you to tap or swipe your finger near the bottom of the screen where the control center is activated.

You can't turn off the control panel completely, but you can turn it off for apps and for the lock screen. This should do the trick as you rarely need to swipe from the bottom when you are on the iPad's Home Screen, except when you really do want to open the control center.

  1. Tap Settings to open the iPad's settings. (Learn more.)
  2. Tap Control Center. This will bring up the settings in the right window.
  3. If you only want to turn off the control center when you have another app loaded on the screen, tap the slider next to Access Within Apps. Remember, green means the feature is turned on.
  4. Access to the control panel on the Lock Screen is good if you want to control your music without unlocking your iPad, but if you want to turn it off, simply tap the slider next to Access on Lock Screen.

What Exactly Can You Do in the Control Center?

Before you turn off access to the control center, you may want to check out exactly what it can do for you. The control center is a great shortcut to a lot of features. We've already mentioned that it can tweak your music, allowing you to control the volume, pause the music or skip to the next song. Here are a few other things you can do from the control center:

  • Turn on or off Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It might not make sense to have an airplane mode on an iPad, but it's actually a great thing to turn on when your iPad gets low on power. It's basically like the iPad's own low power mode.
  • Lock the orientation. If you've ever been laying on your side in bed and tried to use the iPad, you know the frustration of the screen jumping from landscape mode to portrait mode. Locking the orientation is a great way to solve that problem.
  • Adjust the brightness. Another great way to save power, this is also a great way to deal with the iPad being too bright when you are trying to read right before going to bed.
  • Set a Timer. I actually prefer Siri as the quickest way to set a timer, but if you feel odd talking to your tablet, you can tap the button next to the camera to get access to a timer, stopwatch, and alarm clock.
  • Camera. Did I mention the camera? If you don't want to hunt down the camera icon on your home screen, you can just go into the control panel for it.