How to Disable Connections in Yahoo! Mail Classic

Remove them or invite them. Invite them or remove them. Remove. Invite. Remove.

If you find the harsh world of pressing hot-or-not decisions creeping into your Yahoo! Mail Classic's every corner and Welcome screen and think it does not belong there, you don't have to click Remove for each suggestion. Yahoo! Mail Classic, thankfully, provides an easy way out of the socially networking email experience.

Disable Yahoo! Connections (and Connection Suggestions) in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To prevent Yahoo! Mail Classic from suggesting "connections" on your Home or Welcome tab:

  • Select Options from the Yahoo! Mail Classic toolbar.
  • Follow the Mail Options link.
  • Make sure Enable Connection-related features (Messages, Suggestions, Updates) is not checked.
  • Click Save Changes.

Note that this disables Yahoo! Connections in all of Yahoo! Mail Classic. You cannot focus on emails from the people connected to you through Yahoo! in folders anymore either.