How to Disable Form Autofill in Google Chrome

Protect your privacy by disabling the chrome autofill feature

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By default, the Google Chrome browser saves certain information that you enter into website forms such as your name and address and uses this information the next time you are prompted to enter the same information in a similar form on another website. These instructions apply to both desktop and mobile devices.

Although this Autofill features saves you some keystrokes and offers an element of convenience, there is an obvious privacy concern. If other people use your browser and you do not feel comfortable having your form information stored, the Autofill feature can be disabled in just a few steps.

How to Disable Chrome Autofill On A Computer

First, you need to open your Chrome browser and open the main menu (three vertical dots) to find the Settings option.

  1. When the drop-down menu appears, click Settings. You can also type the following text into Chrome's address bar in place of clicking on this menu item: chrome://settings.

  2. Under People, select Payment methods.

    Screenshot of Payment Methods in Google Chrome settings
    Tricia Goss
  3. Toggle the slider to the right of Autofill forms to the Off position.

To re-enable the feature at any time, repeat this process and click the slider to move it to the On position.

How to Disable Autofill In The Chrome Mobile App

The Autofill feature also works in Chrome mobile apps. To disable autofill in the apps:

  1. Open the Chrome app.

  2. Tap the Chrome menu button represented by three vertically aligned dots.

  3. Select Settings.

    Screenshot of Chrome App menu
    Tricia Goss
  4. Tap Payment Methods.

  5. Toggle the slider next to Autofill Forms to the Off position.

    Screenshot of Payment Methods in Chrome settings on an Android phone
    Tricia Goss
  6. Exit the Chrome app.