How to Disable Android Auto

Either turn off the app, or forget your car within the app

What to Know

  • On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Apps > See All Apps.
  • Select Android Auto and choose Disable.
  • Alternatively, turn off Auto-launch, and Forget your car within the app itself.

This guide will explain how to disable Android Auto so that it doesn't automatically start when you plug your Android phone into your car. Instructions apply to devices running Android 9 through 11.

How Do You Turn Off Android Auto?

If you're running a phone with Android 9 or older, you can remove Android Auto from your device entirely by going to Settings > Apps and Notifications > See All Apps, then selecting Android Auto and Uninstall.

You cannot uninstall Android Auto anymore on newer versions of Android. However, you can disable it so that it no longer starts when you connect your phone to your car. There are some other tricks worth trying too.

The next step you can try, if none of the above does the trick, is to disable Android Auto in your car. That varies dramatically depending on the vehicle manufacturer, however, so your best bet is to search for your car and Disable Android Auto. Alternatively, check your vehicle's manual, or speak to a representative at the manufacturer for further help.

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Select Apps and Notifications.

  3. Select See All Apps.

    Settings app highlighted and Apps and notifications screen on an Asus Zenfone 8
  4. Select Android Auto from the list.

  5. Select Disable.

    Android Auto and Disable highlighted

How To Forget Your Car On Android Auto

Another option you can try is to "Forget" your car within the app, so Android Auto can't automatically connect to this now unknown car again.

  1. Open the Settings app and search for Android Auto.

    Path to Forget all cars in Android Auto settings
  2. Select the Settings item.

  3. Select Previously Connected Cars, then select the three dot menu icon in the top-right corner.

  4. Select Forget All Cars.

How To Turn Off Android Auto Auto-Launch

You can also turn off Android Auto's auto-launch function so that it doesn't startup when you plug it into your car.

  1. Open the Settings app and search for Android Auto. Select the Settings item.

    Android Auto settings showing Start Android Auto automatically option
  2. Look for a menu item called Start Android Auto Automatically. Select it, then toggle it off if possible; otherwise, select If Used On The Last Drive. That way, it won't auto-start when you don't use it next time.

Why Can't I Disable Android Auto?

If you are using a modern Android phone, you should have the option to disable Android Auto. Older phones running Android 9 or earlier had the opportunity to uninstall the application, but it's a default application on modern devices.

The above tips should help you disable Android Auto, but if they don't get you what you want, you could always try buying a dedicated car charger. Since that offers a USB connection for power only, rather than data, it shouldn't trigger Android Auto and will let you charge your phone and connect to your car over Bluetooth directly, if you prefer.

  • What happens if I disable Android Auto?

    If you disable Android Auto, your phone won't automatically connect to your car when you plug it in. You can still use apps that work with Android Auto, but they won't appear on your dash screen.

  • How do I disable Android Auto on a Samsung device?

    The above instructions should work regardless of who made your phone. As long as you're running the latest version of Android, you can disable it by going to Settings > Apps and Notifications > See All Apps > Android Auto > Disable.

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