Disable Ad Hoc Connections on Your Laptop in Windows XP

 Use this step by step to disable the capability for your laptop to connect to ​ad-hoc networks.

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Locate the Wireless Connection Icon

Locate and right-click on the Wireless icon on your desktop. It will be at the bottom right of your screen.

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Wireless Networks Available

Choose the View Available Networks from the list that is shown after you have right-clicked on the wireless icon.

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Selecting Wireless Network

You will have a window open that now shows all wireless network connections. You may have one that is your current wireless connection and other wireless connections you regularly use, such as hot spots visible.

Click on the Network you wish to change first then select Change advanced settings.

You can select an active wireless network connection to make this change to, in addition to any other regularly used wireless network connections.

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Change the Advanced Settings in Wireless Networks

Select the Advanced button in this window.

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Advanced - Networks to access

In the window that is now visible - check to see whether you Any available network (access point preferred), Access point (infrastructure) networks only or Computer-to-computer (ad hoc)networks only has been checked.

If either Any available network (access point preferred) or Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only have been checked then you want to change that selection to Access point (infrastructure) network only.

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Change to Advanced Network Access

Once you have selected Access point (infrastructure) networks only, you can click on Close.

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Final Step to Change Advanced Network Access

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Just click OK and you will now have your wireless network connections operating in a more secure manner.

Repeat this process for all wireless network connections that you have on your laptop.

When you aren't using your Wi-Fi to disable it using through the Wi-Fi software or the ON/OFF switch on your laptop. Make it part of your routine that when you are finishing using Wi-Fi that you shut it down completely on your laptop. You will keep your data protected better and help extend the life of your laptop battery.