It used to be that ordering NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DirecTV was a must for any fan of the National Football League that didn't want to hang out at a sports bar to watch a specific non-locally televised game. For those that don't know, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a premium service on DirecTV that shows all non-nationally televised NFL games. If the TICKET wasn't enough, DirecTV had an add-on to their NFL SUNDAY TICKET package appropriately named NFL SUNDAY TICKET SuperFan. This service was discontinued in 2010.

What You Got - Overview of Programming

NFL SUNDAY TICKET SuperFan was only available to current NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscribers. By ordering, a subscriber got access to over 100 high definition games. There was also access to a Red Zone channel, two Game Mix channels and a thing called Short Cuts.

Red Zone Channel

The Red Zone Channel bounced from game to game as a team moved the ball inside their opponents 20-yard line. A narrator alerted the viewer to an on-screen game change with a brief explanation of what was currently going on in that game. When all the games didn't have any scoring threats, they switched to a game with a team moving the ball but not yet inside the red zone.

If a team scored or made a great play while another game was being televised, they quickly broke to a highlight of the play. The best thing about the Red Zone channel is that I don't recall seeing any commercials. 

Game Mix Channels

The Game Mix channels consisted of eight small screens that had action from eight different games. A person could choose which game's audio to listen to by moving the on-screen cursor over the game of choice.

Overall, I liked the channel, but I have a couple of complaints.

The 8 screens are very small, and I can see how this channel would be difficult to watch on a television below 30" in size. I also would've liked to be able to choose which games I wanted in the mix.

Short Cuts

There was also a feature called Short Cuts that broke down every game into one 30-minute or less block of programming. It was commercial-free, and usually available around midnight ET Sunday. I can see where this would be helpful for fantasy football owners to observe where their players fit into a team's game plan.

Review of Programming

NFL SUNDAY TICKET SuperFan was a novel idea because it gave the football fan almost everything they could ever hope for:

  • Access to games in HD for those who own high definition sets and have an HD tuner
  • 8 games on one screen
  • A channel dedicated to scoring plays
  • A chance to watch every game in just over the time it could take to watch one game

One nice feature that I didn't address above was the addition of real-time stats for each game. When turning to a specific game, a small menu bar appeared on-screen for about 5 seconds that provided information on how to access stats and scores.