Diner Dash Tips and Tricks

Learn how to make every round count and keep customers happy

Glu Mobile totally revamped the classic Diner Dash when it released it as a mobile game, and it's time to jump in headfirst to serve as many hungry customers as you can! It's the original Diner Dash you know and love, with plenty of new tricks, sprinkled in here and there, like different combos and a frantic new setup. Our tips and tricks will help you step your game up and keep your customers happy.

This guide is specifically for the mobile version of Diner Dash, now called Diner Dash Adventures, although the tips can apply to other versions as well.

Keep an Eye on Diners to Make Color Bonuses

When new patrons walk in, do your best to give them tables matching the color of the clothes they're wearing. This way, you rack up a Color Bonus. Also, it might be easier to keep track of who's sitting where when the going gets tough. Get into the habit of doing this and it will benefit you in the long run.

Diner Dash game.

Be an Efficient Machine

Don't sit and wait for only one set of diners to give you their order or for them to signal you over when you've got multiple tables. Instead, wait a split second longer and collect multiple orders or checks at once to chain together a combo. This way, you score more points and you'll find it's a lot easier to keep up with everyone rather than scrambling to help one person and failing at it. 

Make Every Round Count

The new Diner Dash model relies on microtransactions and an energy system to keep in business, but you don't have to succumb to it. Don't purchase energy segments unless you absolutely need them to keep playing at the moment. As long as you do well in each level, you'll be rewarded with enough energy to continue. There's no need for you to spend any money if you perform at your best level—until you start reaching the upper difficulty tiers. 

Keep Seated Customers Happy

You have several tools at your disposal to keep the customers who aren't quite ready to leave happy, like coffee and other choices that are opened up later in the game. Just because they're finished eating, that doesn't mean you're finished serving them, so make sure you're keeping an eye on the hearts below each patron and make sure you get to them when you can — especially different patron types that get lots more impatient than others. 

Keep Flo Running Around

You can tap on multiple areas for Flo to cover at once without having to worry. Actions queue up as she dashes around the restaurant doing her job. This allows you to create massive chain bonuses that eventually net you a large number of points at the end of the level, as well as the three-star ratings you should be aiming for, which are tied to the missions you need to complete before finishing the level. ​

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