Basic Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Features


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If you're considering your first DVR or you just received one for the holidays, you may be wondering what this new device can do for you. Below you'll find all the ways that a DVR can enhance your television and even movie viewing!

Tv on Your Schedule

The biggest advantage of having a DVR is that you never have to be home at a certain time to catch your favorite shows. As long as your EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) is up to date, your shows will automatically be recorded without going through all of that manual programming you used to have to do with your VCR.

With a DVR, you simply select the program you want to record within your EPG and that's it. The device will automatically start and stop the recording on time for you and you can go about your business and watch the show when you want.

Recording Whole Seasons

Have you ever set your VCR to record a show at the same time every week but for some reason it didn't work? You either forgot to put the tape in or maybe you forgot to turn on the timer. No matter the reason, that won't happen with your DVR. Almost every DVR available to you has the ability to record every episode of a show. They may each call it something different, such as TiVo's "Season Pass", but they all handle the recording of an entire series for you.

Normally when you decide to record a program, your DVR will ask you whether or not you want to record just this episode or the entire series. Simply select the entire series option and you'll be all set. Now, every time the show is on, your DVR will record it for you. Now you never have to worry about forgetting to set a timer!

More Storage

With the VCR, the amount of programming your could record was limited to what was available on the inserted tape, or by constantly switching tapes so you had more space. DVRs come with hard drives. While you're still limited depending on the size of the drive, many times you can expand the storage. Even if you can't, you can fit a lot of programming on a 500GB hard drive. With proper management, you'll always have room for the latest shows.

With systems such as Home Theater PCs, you're only limited by the number of hard drives you can put into your system. There are those who concentrate on storage and as such, will never run out of room.


There are a good number of choices when it comes to a DVR solution. No matter which you choose, though, you can bet that it will enhance your television viewing experience. Some even offer the ability to stream movies and other content from the internet.

With the ability to let you watch TV on your schedule as well as find extra content from other sources, a DVR is one of the best pieces of consumer electronics you can add to your home.