Digital Cameras & Photography

Get better acquainted with your camera and learn about the basics, such as exposure settings, best ways to get the perfect shot, and how to best store your images.
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A DSLR camera with a 77mm UV lens filter on the front of the lens.
Confused by Camera Lens Filters? Here's What You Need to Know
Silhouette Woman With Daughter Riding Bicycle On Field Against Orange Sky
10 Samsung Gear 360 Tips and Tricks
Bokeh effect on a smartphone
How to Get the Bokeh Effect in Smartphone Photos
Close-Up photo of a camera lens
Why Are Photos Stored in a DCIM Folder?
Front view of Canon EOS 7D
What Makes the Canon EOS 7D a Great Camera?
Hand holding HD broadcast camcorder
What's the AVCHD Camcorder Format?
An iPhone is connected by USB to a Mac laptop.
How to Transfer Photos From any Phone to Your Computer
Person filming a sporting event with 8K cameras
8K Cameras – What You Need to Know
RGB vs. CMYK: Understanding Color in the Digital World
A photographer uses the Canon Camera Connect app to take a photo remotely.
How to Use the Canon Camera Connect App
Silhouette of a woman doing cartwheels on the beach at sunset
Easy Steps to Creating Stunning Silhouette Images
Camera on tripod capturing lakes and mountians
Learn the Difference Between Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor
Photography camera set on tripod at sunset
Try out Aperture Priority Mode on Your Camera
A woman holding a DSLR camera.
What Is a DSLR Camera and Why is It So Popular?
Close up photo of camera lens
The Right Way to Clean a Camera Lens
Extreme close-up photograph depicting the inside of a camera lens
What Is a Macro Lens?
Making smartphone photos on mountain
How to Use HDR in Mobile Photography
A monochrome image of a photographer at work.
What is Monochrome Photography?
Photographer looking at photos stored on camera in studio
The Main Reason Monitor Calibration Is Essential
Copyright symbol leaning against wall in black and white
The Definition of a Photo Credit Line
Illustration showing characters entering a file and exiting in different colored clothing.
Mac Users: Convert HEIC to JPG
A female photographer holding a camera with portraits in the background.
The 10 Best Free Online Photography Classes of 2022
Digital camcorder
What All Does My New Camcorder Do?
Legs and feet hanging off edge of cliff in front of Grand Canyon
Learn How to Use Perspective to Create Great Photographs
The front element of a prime camera lens
What Is a Prime Lens? Everything You Need to Know
Top view of a bridge camera with mega zoom lens extended.
Amateur Photographer? A Bridge Camera Might Be Your Best Tool
DxO Optics Pro
8 Great Digital Darkroom Programs for Pro Photographers
The 'Camera failed' error on a Samsung Galaxy Camera.
Fix the 'Camera Failed' Error on Samsung Galaxy Devices
Silver PSP-3000
How to Transfer Photos From a PC to a PSP Memory Stick
High angle view of Lower East Side Manhattan Downtown, New York City, USA
How to Improve Your City Photos
Someone holds up a blue Galaxy S9
Take Your Photos to the Next Level With Dual Camera Phones
Person using an iphone to take a photo of traffic
Tips for Mobile Photography for Beginners
Man taking photo outside with DSLR camera
Breaking Down Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras
Google Photos app
Scared to Delete Photos? Don't Be. Learn How to Do It in Google Photos
Barrel distortion in a picture of a family
How to Fix Lens Barrel Distortion in the Camera
Man attaching action camera to chest
Can You Turn Off Your GoPro Automatically?
A woman browsing photos on a computer.
Get the Most From Apple's Photos With These 8 Features
DSLR vs. Point-and-shoot cameras
Point-and-Shoot vs. DSLR: Which Kind of Camera Do You Need?
A modern digital camera
Do You Know Your Camera's ADC? Find Out Why You Should Care
An external hard drive.
How Are You Storing Your Digital Images?
Group of SLR camera lenses
What's the Difference Between Optical and Digital Zoom?
Light trails on road against sky at night
Mobile Photography: Light Trails Tutorial
Three people playing in snow while the sun is shining
How to Get Great Pictures in the Snow
A selection of old camera lenses
Want to Take Better Photos? It's All in the Lens!
A photographer studying his camera.
What is Raw Photography?
Man holding camcorder
Bluetooth Camcorders? Yes, That's a Thing
A 42X optical zoom lens highlights the design of the Canon PowerShot SX420.
The 42x Optical Zoom Sets the Canon SX420 Camera Apart
Studio setup with multiple cameras and lights
Nail the Technical Aspects of Filming Vlogs With a GoPro
using scanner in office or library, closeup of hands scanning documents
Is Time of the Essence? Here’s How to Quickly Scan and Digitize Photos
GE camera problems
Best Tips to Fix GE Camera Problems
Boy who is becoming pixelated.
What Are Megapixels and How Do They Determine Camera Quality?
Metadata viewed in Photoshop
What Is Metadata in Photography?
Close up of SD card with computer and camera in background
How to Format an SD Card for Your Camera
An iPhone being used to snap photos
What Is Burst Mode and How Do I Use It?
GoPro action camera display.
Can You Change a GoPro's Wi-Fi Password?
Rear view of a silver GoPro Hero 4 Camera
How to Keep Those GoPro Batteries Charged
Camera equipment shot from above
How to Use Manual Camera Settings on Your DSLR Camera
Looking in camera LCD with sunset on LCD
Figure Out What Your Camera Display Screen Is Showing You
A mirrorless Lumix camera showing the settings on the LCD display
How to Use AF Points to Ensure Sharp Photos