Top 5 Digital Camera Blogs and Photography News Blogs

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Camera blogs can be a key source of information about new cameras and new technologies. You also may find information on such blogs about potential new firmware releases for existing cameras, as well as information about potential recalls. For experienced photographers, having access to this type of information can help you make the most of your photography work.

Even inexperienced and new photographers often can find some something interesting in photography news blogs. Such blogs will provide you access to various digital camera trade shows, outlining the latest camera model releases and some of the new technologies you can expect to see in the near future in the digital camera market.

Of course, if you're looking for photography advice, information on digital camera technologies, lists of the best digital cameras, or the latest digital camera reviews, we can provide everything that you need! Just click the links listed here to see the information available on this site.

But if you're looking for the latest news in the world of digital cameras, here is a blogroll of the top digital camera and photography news blogs. In addition to the information included, these sites can provide some good information as you attempt to learn more about photography or as you seek information to help you select the best new camera for your needs.

Steve's DigiCams

Steve's DigiCams site includes a blog on the front page, which monitors all of the latest digital camera news and information. This is a great site to visit during digital camera manufacturer trade shows, for example, as many of the latest camera technologies are introduced at these shows, and you'll find all of the pertinent information here.

Steve's Darkroom blog site is another great resource if you're looking for some non-mainstream news about cameras, photo printers, and photography. Some cool photography techniques are highlighted here too, potentially sparking some ideas for new compositions and photography subjects to try.

What We Like
  • Clean site design.

  • Detailed, informative articles.

  • Large, beautiful images.

What We Don't Like
  • Very little reader commentary.

  • No social community.

Digital Photo Review

This site is heavy on the latest digital camera news, which is one of its best features. The blog also keeps visitors up-to-date on the latest manufacturer press releases, new camera models, and specifications. So if you're looking for information on any new camera releases, DP Review is a good place to visit.

The site also includes an active Twitter feed, which includes additional information and insights concerning the world of photography and the latest digital camera technologies.

What We Like
  • Vibrant community of readers who comment.

  • Rich, vibrant images.

  • Active community forums.

What We Don't Like
  • Very short articles.

  • Busy, disorganized menu.

Photography Blog

There's a solid collection of news regarding new digital cameras, as well as information about photography events going on worldwide at the Photography Blog website. One of the best features of this photography blog news site is that some of the information found here is different and tough to find in other locations. If you're a photographer who really likes to work with image editing software and to make edits to your images, the Photography Blog site includes quite a few posts regarding image editing software, which can be difficult to find at other sites.

What We Like
  • Detailed, thorough articles.

  • Useful how to section.

  • Subscribe to a newsletter for updates.

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to navigate website.

  • Plain main page design.

  • Excessive ads throughout articles.


The PetaPixel Web site contains a good collection of photography news in its blog. One of the better aspects of this blog is that it also provides plenty of information about the history of photography, which is a cool aspect of this blog. You'll find a lot of photographs of historical camera equipment, as well as information on museum exhibits related to the world of photography.

And if you're someone who's interested in professional photography, as well as perhaps learning how to turn your hobby into a way to make some money, this blog has some good advice from time to time.

What We Like
  • Beautiful website design.

  • Busy and active comments section.

  • Large, impressive images.

  • Active Facebook and Twitter communities.

What We Don't Like
  • Slow-loading website.

Photography Bay

If you're interested in learning more about the latest DSLR camera accessory gear, the Photography Bay has plenty of news regarding this gear available in its blog.

Another nice feature of Photography Bay is its publishing of groups of photos from the blog's readers. Not only can you see a lot of cool photos here, but you also can find some great ideas for your own photography subject matter.

What We Like
  • Informative reviews.

  • Impressive photography.

  • Educational "Learn Photography" section.

What We Don't Like
  • Very short articles.

  • Outdated website design.

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