Digital Blue Lego Camera Review

Digital Blue Lego Camera Review
Digital Blue

The Bottom Line

My Digital Blue Lego camera review reveals a children's digital camera that looks cool. After all, who doesn't like Legos?

However, the actual photography tools and features in the Lego Brick digital camera are severely lacking. If you're considering purchasing the Lego digital camera for a child, keep in mind that this is a toy Lego camera, and its image quality is nowhere near good enough for a child who wants to be even slightly serious about photography.

The Digital Blue Lego camera is an older model, and you may have a little trouble finding it in some stores. You might need to purchase a used version. But if you can find it, it's a fun camera for very young kids.

If you'd rather find a newer camera for children, take a look at my recently updated list of the Best Cameras for Children, which has a nice mixture of cameras that are more like toys, such as the Digital Blue Lego camera, and those that are aimed at children who are a little more serious about photography.


  • Camera looks cool - who doesn't like Legos?
  • Very easy to use
  • Plenty of internal memory
  • Overall response times are OK
  • Low cost 


  • Image quality is poor, especially in low light
  • LCD is very small and not bright enough
  • No zoom lens
  • Flash does not work well
  • Built-in rechargeable battery only can be charged through USB connection


  • Resolution: 3 megapixels
  • Optical zoom: None
  • LCD: 1.5-inch
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion (not removeable)
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: about 5 ounces
  • Internal memory: Enough for about 80-150 photos

Image Quality

Image quality with the Lego camera is below average in good lighting conditions and especially poor in low light. It offers 3 megapixels of resolution, which is more than many toy cameras aimed at children, but its image quality remains poor.

The built-in flash with the Lego camera tends to wash out photos, and it doesn't brighten the entire frame, leaving the Lego Brick camera a poor performer in low light.


The Lego Brick camera is very easy to use, with only a few buttons. Kids will have no problem figuring out the point and click simplicity of this camera, although they may need a little help with photo downloading and deletion. The camera controls all photography features automatically.

You'll find decent response times with the Lego camera. It starts up fast, and its shot to shot delays are minimal, unless the flash is used. Shutter lag is a problem many times.


The camera's design makes the Lego Brick camera a desirable model, as the exterior contains actual Lego bricks. You even can attach additional Legos to the outside of the camera. However, the camera body does not come apart (unless a youngster takes a hammer to the camera, which might be tempting for some kids). Two body colors are available: Traditional Lego colors and a pink/purple/white combination.

As far as safety, the Lego camera has no latches or plastic doors, making it good for even very young children. The only opening on the Lego camera is the USB slot, which some small children may be tempted to jam items into.

An internal lithium-ion battery powers the Lego Brick camera, and it stores photos using internal memory. The battery only can be charged through the USB connector, which isn't a great design for a children's camera. It's inconvenient to recharge the camera while traveling; replacing a few AAA batteries is easier.