Digging Deep With Twitch Streamer Krystalogy

Welcome to the basement

Unearth the secrets of the cosmos with Krysta Eason, the brain behind Krstyalogy: the study of Krysta. With rainbow auroras and an unidentified flying object adorning her space-themed banners, the Krstygalogy brand is readily recognizable. A little loud and every bit as charming as you’d expect from someone able to captivate an audience, Eason was made to be an influencer. 

Krysta Eason, aka Krystalogy during one of her twitch streams


"Somehow, some way, I don't know where they came from, people started watching me. I then started making money, which I didn't know was even possible," Eason said in a phone interview with Lifewire. "It was a crazy experience in the beginning, definitely nothing I thought would become a job for me. I was really just doing it for fun." 

Despite her young age, she is a veteran in the game. For ten years, she has been in the throes of content creation, cultivating a truly cosmic empire across platforms. With over 300,000 denizens in tow, this empress is here to claim her throne.  

Quick Facts

  • Name: Krysta Eason
  • Located: Los Angeles, California 
  • Random Delight: Made for this stuff! She studied public relations in college, where she also interned at a marketing firm and inclusion-driven nonprofit. The skills Eason gathered during her education have proven useful in her current streaming career as a front-facing, social media-driven personality. 
  • Quote: "Keep searching a stupefied sky."

A Star Is Born

A natural-born entertainer, Eason was nurtured in an urban-suburban environment of the DMV. Putting on little shows for her family mesmerized the young Eason as she became intrigued by the connective power of entertainment. She loved the camera, the spotlight, the adoration. 

The budding streamer had another love, too: video games—thanks to her dad. With his career in hospitality keeping him from home, the family remained connected from half a world away through gaming. Notably via the cruel cruising streets of Grand Theft Auto Online.

"It was a way to keep us together and playing and having fun together. Every night for us, which would be morning for him, we would get online and have fun. It was one of the main, solidifying things as far as my interest in video games goes," she said. 

It was this fascination that would eventually lead her to content creation. Gameplay videos and walkthroughs were some of the ways she stayed connected to gaming outside of the joysticks. Always interested in the storytelling component of games like Grand Theft Auto and The Sims, she found virtual camaraderie in popular creators like iHasCupquake

Before long, the young Eason was making her own content. The Sims playthroughs and Minecraft "Let's Plays" helped her cultivate a small but dedicated following on YouTube before she even hit 17. "It was a fun pastime, and it just turned into something much more than that," she laughed. "Which has been pretty cool."

Reach for the Stars

YouTube was only the start, though. While the famed content creator still enjoys great success on her dual YouTube channels, Krystalogy and Krystalogy Reacts, it was Twitch that cemented her status as a bona fide influencer. After a year-long hiatus from her YouTube channel, she wanted to shift audience profiles—from the young consumers that make up the Minecraft and The Sims tags to a more mature audience.  

"[On Twitch] you can cultivate your community with a nice thin-tooth comb; whereas on YouTube, you're out in the ocean without much you can do about it," she said. "[On] YouTube, they're [defecating] at your door and running away, but with Twitch, they're [defecating] at your door and just standing there. Twitch gives you a lot more power with who rains on your parade."

Krystalogy headshot with the twitch logo


Eason began recalibrating this brand in 2017 as she began streaming. In less than a year, she was affiliated on the platform, and by 2020 she became a full Twitch partner. At that point, with a sizable following, she had graduated university and made the choice to dive head-first into content creation.  

"Things were looking [good] for me. I was financially stable, and I had a really amazing support system with my family that if I did end up falling on my ass, I had somewhere to go to," she said about going full-time. "And ever since, it has been going great!"

Things have been looking up for the streamer ever since. Juggling multiple platforms with different yet related, audiences has allowed her to flourish and receive recognition from the industry, eventually signing with Esports organization Gen. G. 

Colorful, boisterous playthroughs and even livelier reactions are the main focus of Eason's content. "Easygoing" and "hilarious" are words audiences often use to describe her style as she recalls her energy being the most engrossing aspect of her. She's a testament to not taking yourself too seriously. And despite setbacks, she's thriving [and] happier than ever. 

"What is the Krstyalogy brand? That's a good question," she slightly chuckled, musing about her audience. "The brand is me. I am the brand."

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