DidTheyReadIt - Certified Email Service

DidTheyReadIt - Certified Email Service
DidTheyReadIt.com, Ltd.

DidTheyReadIt makes it really easy to know if and when an email you sent was opened. Unfortunately, DidTheyReadIt is problematic as recipients have no idea their actions are recorded and there is no way to opt out of DidTheyReadIt return receipts.


  • DidTheyReadIt is very easy to use and convenient, includes an Outlook plug-in
  • The receipts generated by DidTheyReadIt include many details
  • A small Windows app can automatically add DidTheyReadIt return receipts to all mail you send


  • DidTheyReadIt is not transparent to the recipient
  • There is no way to opt out of DidTheyReadIt
  • DidTheyReadIt lacks return receipts that work under all circumstances


  • DidTheyReadIt lets you know when an email you sent is opened.
  • You can send DidTheyReadIt tracked email by adding ".didtheyreadit.com" to the recipient's address.
  • A Windows app that automatically does that for you and an Outlook add-on are also available.
  • DidTheyReadIt can notify you whenever the message is opened or only the first time.
  • You can find out about the recipient's IP and geographic location through DidTheyReadIt.

Expert Review - DidTheyReadIt - Certified Email Service

I sent it. I sent it? Ah, yes, I sent it, and TheyReadIt, too.

A Service to Let You Know Whether Your Email Was Opened

DidTheyReadIt is a powerful service that lets you know whether your email was received and opened in great detail—with too much detail maybe. Not only do you learn when the message was opened, DidTheyReadIt also tells you the location of the reader, their IP address, which browser or email client they were using and for how long the message was open.

Using DidtheyReadIt Is Easy

You can either install a handy Outlook add-on, have a small Windows app send all email through DidTheyReadIt to be tracked automatically (no matter what email program you use) or, and this is just as easy, append ".didtheyreadit.com" to the email address when sending a message.

DidTheyReadIt is certainly a slick service. Unfortunately, it is a bit too slick.

DidTheyReadIt works by inserting images in tracked messages. When such a message is opened by the recipient, the image is downloaded in the background and DidTheyReadIt records all the details the sender gets to see.

DidTheyReadIt Is Intransparent to the Recipient

Unlike other email return, receipt services DidTheyReadIt does not make this transparent to the recipient, not even after the fact. Both the image and DidTheyReadIt are invisible to the unsuspecting reader. There is also no way to opt out of having DidTheyReadIt record your email actions. The only way to stop DidTheyReadIt from letting senders know you opened their messages is to prevent your email program from downloading images automatically.

(Updated December 2015)