How to Add a Dictionary to Mozilla Thunderbird Spell Check

Define custom spell check settings for your email

What to Know

  • In Mozilla Thunderbird, select Edit > Preferences. Choose Composition in the left panel and select the Spelling tab.
  • Select Download More Dictionaries. Choose the dictionary you want from the list.
  • In the page that opens, choose Add to Thunderbird. Press Add again to confirm the installation.

This article explains how to add a dictionary to the Mozilla Thunderbird spell check. It also includes information on adding a dictionary to Mozilla Thunderbird 2 and 3.

Add a Dictionary to the Mozilla Thunderbird Spell Check

Your Mozilla Thunderbird's spell check may be limited to finding fault with your English, regardless of whether you compose your emails in Arabic, English, French or even Icelandic. Given how useful spell checking can be, especially with languages other than the language you grew up speaking, Mozilla Thunderbird should be able to learn new tongues. Fortunately, it can. All it needs is the proper dictionary.

To install a new dictionary for the Mozilla Thunderbird spell checker:

  1. Select Edit > Preferences from the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Open the Composition category.

    Thunderbird preferences
  3. Go to the Spelling tab.

    Thunderbird composition settings
  4. Select Download More Dictionaries.

  5. Follow the Download Dictionary link for the desired dictionary.

    Thunderbird dictionary downloads
  6. A Thunderbird add-on page will open for your dictionary. Press Add to Thunderbird.

    Thunderbird dictionary add-on page

    Wait for the download to finish; even if nothing seems to be happening, chances are a dialog will eventually appear.

  7. Press Add when asked to confirm the installation.

    Thunderbird confirm dictionary add-on download
  8. When it's done, Thunderbird will display a message letting you know that the dictionary was added successfully.

Add a Dictionary to the Mozilla Thunderbird Spell Check in Mozilla Thunderbird 2/3

To install a new spell checking dictionary in Mozilla Thunderbird 2 and 3:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Select Tools > Add-ons from the menu.

  3. Open your browser.

  4. Go to the Mozilla Thunderbird dictionaries page.

  5. Follow the Download Dictionary link for the desired language.

  6. Drag and drop the desired Download Now link to Mozilla Thunderbird's Add-ons window.

  7. Switch to the Add-ons window.

  8. Press Install Now in the Software Installation dialog.

  9. Now press Restart Thunderbird.

You can use the new dictionary by selecting it from the Spell drop-down menu (select the down arrow) while composing a message.

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