The Vivitek DH758UST Short Throw DLP Video Projector

Vivitek DH758UST Short Throw DLP Projector
Vivitek DH758UST Short Throw DLP Projector. Image provided by Vivitek, USA

Large Images For Small Spaces

When you think of video projectors, the need for a large room comes to mind in order to get that movie theater viewing experience at home.

However, The Vivitek DH758UST is one example of a video projector that can project a very large image in a very small space. In fact, the DH758UST can project an 100-inch image from about less than 31-inches projector-to-screen distance. Image size capability ranges from 88 to 110 inches (the projector can be as close as about one foot from the screen). This comes in really handy for those that have smaller room environments, such as an apartment living room (or even a bedroom).

In order to accomplish the task of projecting such a large image within a such as short distance, the projector is designed in such a way the lens actually points way from the screen and projects onto a mirror, which, in-turn reflects the image onto the screen (remember those old rear projection TVs - same principle - except the projector, mirror, and screen are not enclosed in a box).

The DH758UST has a fixed focus lens and offers very narrow zoom content, but it does provide vertical keystone correction settings of + or - 40 degrees to assist in image placement.


The DH758UST features 1080p display resolution via DLP chip technology with a 2x speed, six segment color wheel, a maximum of 3,500 lumens white light output (color light output is less, but more than sufficient), and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio (Full On/Off). Lamp life is rated at 3000 hours in normal mode, and up to 7,000 hours in Dynamic ECO mode. Average fan noise level ranges from 33 to 37db.

For improved color performance, the DH758UST also incorporates DLP's Brilliant Color technology.

In addition, the projector is also 3D compatible (glasses require additional purchase).


For video connectivity, there are 2 HDMI inputs, 1 composite input, 1 inputs, as well as an VGA/PC monitor output. The VGA/PC inputs allows you to see your images on a projection screen and PC monitor at the same time.

For even more connection flexibility, one of the HDMI inputs on the DH758UST is MHL-enabled, which allows connection of MHL-compatible devices, such as smartphones, and tablets, as well as the Roku Streaming Stick and Chromecast. In other words, with MHL, you can turn your projector into a media streamer, with the abilty to access a multitude of streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and more.


For audio support, the DH758UST features RCA and 3.5mm mini-jack audio inputs to and a built-in 20-watt (10w x 2) stereo audio system. The built-in speaker system does come in handy when no audio system is available, but if using the DH758UST as part of a home theater setup, an external audio system is definitely preferred. You can connect audio directly from your source to your audio system, or loop it through the projector (there is an audio output provided). Also, for presentation needs, the DH758UST also has a microphone input.

More Info

The DH758UST has both onboard controls and a Remote with built-in laser pointer.