The Ultimate Destiny 2 Lumina Quest Guide: Step-by-Step Plus Walkthrough

How to get the Lumina exotic hand cannon

The Lumina hand cannon is one of the more elusive exotic weapons in Destiny 2. If you want to complete the Lumina quest, you'll have to pick up a few other items along the way.

Information in this article applies to Destiny 2 for all platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You must also own the Forsaken expansion pack to undertake the Lumina quest.

How to Get Lumina in Destiny 2

Here's where to find the Lumina quest location and everything you need to do in order to unlock the Lumina hand cannon:

  1. Go to the EDZ and land near Trostland.

    Go to the EDZ and land near Trostland.
  2. Head through the church and into the Salt Mines.

    Salt Mine entrance in Destiny 2
  3. Continue until you reach the teleporter and use it.

    A teleported in Destiny 2
  4. Walk up the hill, keeping to the left. Follow the guard rails to find a narrow path.

    Follow the guard rails to find a narrow path.
  5. At the end of the path, jump up on the ledge and walk through the cave to find an abandoned campsite.

    Jump up on the ledge and walk through the cave.
  6. Open the chest to begin the quest A Fateful Gift. You'll find a letter and system positioning device, which you must use to track down the Thorn handgun. Check the quest description for the exact location and track it down.

    Open the chest to begin the quest A Fateful Gift.

    The Thorn's location is random, but it always appears in one of a few specific places (see the section below for more details).

  7. Generate 250 orbs of light to complete the Bearer of Evils Past quest. When you have enough orbs, the Thorn will become the Rose.

    Orbs of light are created when you defeat enemies using super attacks. If you are part of a team, you'll get credit for any orbs they generate.

  8. You will now have to complete three quests, which are collectively known as Rose Revealed. You can do them in any order:

    • Band Together: Complete a Nightfall strike and earn 50,000 or more points.
    • Face the Hordes: Complete 35 encounters at the Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, or any of the Black Armory Forges.
    • Defend the Light: Defeat 100 enemies using an automatic weapon without reloading.
  9. Complete the Fireteam Leader quest by completing activities with the Rose equipped. There's no certain number you need; just keep playing the game until the quest is complete.

    If other players in your group have the Rose equipped, you’ll gain a bonus toward completing this step.

  10. Complete the Strength in Numbers quest. This quest has three steps:

    • Generate 50 more orbs of light.
    • Defeat Guardians as a team using hand cannons. The more members who have hand cannons equipped, the more progress you'll get toward completion. Any hand cannon will do, but using the Rose makes this step go faster.
    • Defeat an enemy Invader in Gambit before any of your allies are killed. You have just 10 seconds after they invade your side of the map. You must deal the final blow to the Invader.
  11. Equip the Rose and begin the Will of the Thousands strike on Mars. You have to destroy 11 crystals scattered throughout the level. You must use the Rose, and you must get them all in one run.

  12. Defeat Xol to complete the quest and earn the Lumina.

What Does Lumina Do?

The Lumina hand cannon heals your allies and hurts your enemies, making it extremely helpful for some of the more difficult team missions. Lumina comes with the following perks:

  • Noble Rounds: Defeated enemies leave behind remnants.
  • Chambered Compensator: A barrel attachment that increases stability. Reduces recoil and decreases handling speed.
  • Accurized Rounds: Increases range of fire.
  • Blessing of the Sky: Using Noble Rounds on allies restores health and temporarily increases weapon damage.
  • Polymer Grip: Increases handling speed.

When you collect remnants, your weapon is partially reloaded. Upon your next hip-fire, you will heal a nearby ally, and you will both gain a temporary weapon damage bonus.

Lumina Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

System Positioning Device Locations

Once you find the location of the A Fateful Gift quest, you'll have to find the Thorn in one of the lost sectors. Check the quest description for clues. Here's an overview of the places it can appear:

  • Sinking Docks on Titan: Land at Siren’s Watch landing and head through the tunnels to the west. When you're out of the tunnel, jump down the broken stairs and follow the path to find the chest.
  • Lighthouse on Mercury: Complete the Vex Crossroads public quest and go to the top of the lighthouse.
  • Spire of Keres in the Dreaming City: Land at the Divalian Mists and head to the observatory. From the front of the observatory, take the path to the left. Look for rocks on the left side that you can jump up onto, then climb up to find the chest near a tree.
  • The Mists on Nessus: Land at the Artifact’s Edge. Drop down from the tower and head toward the middle of The Tangle. Find a glowing door that takes you into the Mists, where you can find the chest well hidden in a corner.
  • Alton Dynamo on Mars: Land at Braytech Futurescapes and go to Alton Dynamo. Go through the illuminated door near the entrance of the cave, then turn left. Once you enter the large chamber, look above you and to the right. Go through the vent over the pipes to find the room with the chest.
  • Evacuation Site 2 on Io: Land at Giant’s Scar and go east. Follow the tunnels until you get to a room with glowing cylinders, then look for the chest under the large window.
  • The High Plains on the Tangled Shore: The location of the chest is not on the map. Land at Thieves’ Landing and go east into the Four Horn Gulch. Go through the south tunnel to reach the High Plains. Head past the tents and the giant rib cage to reach a set of floating platforms. The chest will be on one of the platforms.
  • Shaft 13 in the EDZ: Land at the Sludge and head south. Follow the shaft until you can take a door to the right to find the chest on a table.

The location of the Thorn changes once per hour, so you must act quickly.

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