Design Projects Using Adobe InDesign

Adobe inDesign CC 2015


These projects help you learn the basics and explore more advanced features of Adobe InDesign by creating the same type of projects you might tackle as an in-house or freelance graphic designer. The 12 categories of tutorials include business cards and letterhead, magazines, newsletters, and newspapers, and posters. In most cases, tutorials start with setting up your document (or some start with the initial sketches and planning) and go all the way to printing or saving as PDF or digital publication.

Ads and Direct Mail

Brochures, Leaflets, Pamphlets

  • How to Make a Print Ready A5 Leaflet in InDesign CS5
    Beginner level tutorial for creating a 4-page leaflet or brochure uses some of the typesetting features that were new in CS5. 22 steps. From James Andrew at vector tuts+.
  • Create and Print a Brochure with Photoshop, InDesign, and
    Part 1: (14 steps)
    Part 2: (9 steps)
    From Collis at psd tuts+ / vector tuts+, the artwork is created in Photoshop then placed into InDesign for further work.
  • Pamphlet Project
    Ues InDesign to create a 3-fold pamphlet. From Shield Yearbook.

Business Cards and Letterhead

Digital Publications


Magazines, Newsletters, Newspapers

  • Magazine Design With InDesign
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    At Layers Magazine, this basic 3 part tutorial by Chad Neuman includes master pages, auto page numbers, shapes, text import from a Word file, text wrap, and other features. Uses Illustrator for some steps. Downloadable files provided.
  • How to Create a Professional Magazine Layout
    A vector tuts+ Intermediate level tutorial for CS4/CS5 from Otto Coster.
  • Design a Multi-Page Mag Feature
    Jo Gilliver of Computer Arts demonstrates how to set up a complex including grid setup, creating a template, and adding finishing touches. Downloadable support files. The tutorial is a PDF download as well.
  • Create a Newsprint Magazine
    Download the PDF tutorial from Computer Arts which includes tips on designing a "complex, versatile grid system" and how to work with black and white images and cheap paper but get great results.
  • Magazine Cover Design in InDesign CS3
    13-step tutorial by Terry White at Layers Magazine includes techniques for making a cover that stands out on the magazine rack.
  • Create a Five-Color Magazine Cover Using a Spot Metallic
    An Intermediate/Advanced level tutorial by Mark Mayers at psd tuts+ that uses InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat Pro. It's two parts all on one (very long) page.
  • How to Create a Music Magazine Cover in InDesign
    From vector tuts+ and Simona Pfreundner, this is an introductory or beginner level tutorial.
  • Create a Hip Magazine Cover in Adobe InDesign
    From SpryeStudios, a 14 step tutorial.
  • Newsletter Project
    This Shield Yearbook tutorial uses columns for a simple, single page newsletter. A Basic introduction to using InDesign.
  • Create a Newsprint Publication
    From Computer Arts, topics covered include grids, consistency, and use of two-color printing. For InDesign and Photoshop CS3 or later.


  • Design a Coffee Shop Menu Layout From Scratch With Photoshop and InDesign CS5
    Part 1: (24 steps)
    Part 2: (35 steps)
    Intermediate level tutorial by Alvaro Guzman at psd tuts+ using Photoshop to create the artwork to be imported into InDesign for the addition of more text and print to PDF.

Photo Albums, Photobooks, Yearbooks



Resumé or CV

Other Miscellaneous Projects