Comparing Denon's AVR-X3200 and 4200W Home Theater Receivers

Denon's AVR-X3200W and 4200W provide home theater flexibility and power.

Denon AVR-X3200W and AVR-X4200W Home Theater Receivers
Denon AVR-X3200W and AVR-X4200W Home Theater Receivers. Images provided by Denon

The core function of a home theater receiver is to decode and process audio and with that mind, Denon's In-Command receivers both incorporate 7-channel amplifier configuration, with two subwoofer preamp outputs.

What The AVR-X3200W and 4200W Have In Common

The AVR-X3200W and AVR-X4200W provide all of the Dolby and DTS audio decoding/processing you would expect in the latest high-end receivers, including, Dolby Atmos (5.1.2 channel configuration for the AV-X3200, up to 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 channel configuration with additional amplifiers) and DTS:X Decoding and DTS Neural:X upmixer capability on both receivers (DTS:X and Neural Upmixer can be added via free firmware update).

The X3200 and 4200 both include a user-friendly horizontal color-coded speaker connection layout that makes connecting your speakers a lot easier than on many receivers.

For added setup flexibility, both receivers also provide Audio Return Channel and Multi-zone operation.

To fine-tune your speakers and audio performance to your room, both receivers also provide Audyssey MultEQ XT (the AVR-X4200 features MultEQ XT32), as well as Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume.

Both receivers are equipped to handle abundant streaming and network audio sources via Ethernet/LAN or built-in WiFi connectivity, including Internet Radio, (vTuner) and music services (Spotify), as well as local network, supported audio and photo streaming from network-connected devices (such as PCs and NAS drives.

Also, both receivers incorporate Direct USB connection for iPod/iPhone/iPad, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Hi-Res audio compatibility (Including DSD, AIFF (DSD/AIFF content access available via USB and Network only), ALAC and FLAC).

Of course, today's home theater receivers need to offer more than just audio, the video is also an important factor. With that in mind, video capabilities on both receivers include 3D, 4K (up to 60Hz), expanded Color Gamut (BT.2020/Rec.2020) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) pass through, as well as 1080p and 4K upscaling. Both receivers also include ISF certification, which provides optimal video settings for day and night viewing environments.

Extensive physical connectivity is included, anchored by a total of 8 HDMI inputs, and two parallel HDMI outputs on the AVR-X3200W, and three HDMI outputs on the AVR-X4200W. What this means is that the two HDMI outputs on the 3200W can send the same video-audio output to two TVs (or video projector and TV), while the third HDMI output on the AVR-X4200W can feed both audio and hi-definition video from a different source to a second Zone. In other words, you can watch one HD source in your main room, and a different HD source in another room, both of which can be controlled by the AVR-X4200W.

For added control flexibility, both receivers come with a remote but are also compatible with Denon's free downloadable app for iOS or Android phone. Both receivers also provide a wired IR sensor input and output, as well as an RS-232C terminal. These additional options provide practical options for integration into a custom-controlled home theater setup.

Both receivers can also be integrated with Denon's HEOS multi-room audio system via HEOS Link. What this means is that you can send music from either receiver to HEOS-branded wireless speakers placed around the house (or even outside on a patio.

AVR-X4200W Additional Features

In addition to the shared features, and some of the differences mentioned above, the AVR-X4200 also adds the following:

  • Auro 3D Audio upgradeability (fee payment required).
  • 9.2 channel processing (accommodates the Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 channel speaker setup mentioned earlier in this article), as well as a set of 13.2 channel preamp outputs, and up to 3 independent Multi-room zones (one HDMI, two analog audio-only).
  • D.D.S.C.-HD Digital (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit), AL24 Processing Plus, and Denon Link HD (provides additional audio connection option between Denon Link HD-equipped Blu-ray Disc players and Denon Home Theater Receivers).
  • Dedicated Phono input for connection of an audio turntable (attention vinyl record fans).

The Bottom Line

The Denon AVR-X3200W and AVR-X4200W provide abundant features that can meet the needs of just about any home theater setup in a medium or large size room.

The AVR-X3200W (105 wpc - 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD 0.08%) is Available From Amazon

The AVR-X4200W (125 wpc - 8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.05%THD) is Available From Amazon

For more details on what the above-stated power ratings mean with respect to real-world conditions, refer to my article: Understanding Amplifier Power Output Specifications.

The Denon AVR-X3200W and AVR0X4200 were introduced in 2015, but are still available both new and used in limited quantities. For more current suggestions, check out our listings of Best Midrange and High-end Home Theater Receivers.