Demigod Review (PC)

Mix of Action RPG and RTS Genre

Demigod Screenshot
Demigod Screenshot. © Stardock

Demigod is a unique action role playing/real time strategy game in which players select a demigod to lead into large arena battles against other demigods and minions. Overall Demigod does an excellent job of getting players into the action quickly as well as providing a good amount of depth and customization with the RPG and RTS elements. However multiplayer connection issues have plagued the game in the early days of release and the lack single player story campaign makes the game fall a little short of it's high expectations.

Game Details

  • Publisher: Stardock
  • Developer: Gas Powered Games
  • ESRB Rating: T for Teen
  • Genre: Action RPG, Real Time Strategy
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Game Modes: Single player, multiplayer
  • Pros: Fast paced - gets player into the action quick; excellent user interface; Top notch graphics and sound;
  • Cons: No tutorial; No single-player story campaign; Multiplayer Connection issues;

There Can Be Only One

In Demigod, players choose one of eight demigods as they battle each other to have to right to ascend to become the one true god. The back story for Demigod has some great story-telling potential but unfortunately the game lacks a single player story campaign mode, leaving it with just skirmish and tournament modes. In tournament mode players will lead their demigods into a series of battles through the game's eight different arenas against an opposing team of demigods. The overall objective of this mode is to obtain the most favor points and be recognized as the one and only god. Skrimish mode allows for players quickly customize battles to their liking by selecting victory conditions, arenas and demigods to battle with and against.

Regardless of which game mode is selected, players will begin each battle at level one, earning both experience and gold through combat and flag capture. Gold can be used to purchase artifacts, armor and magic items or it can be used to upgrade your citadel. The Citadel is the source of your team's power and can provide benefits for all demigods and minions on your team. In tournament and conquest multiplayer mode the main objective is to destroy the opposing team's citadel. Upon gaining enough experience to advance a level, players will be able to upgrade their demigod's abilities. Each of the eight demigods has unique power trees that are selected each time you gain a new level. These power trees can deal with everything from combat strikes, healing, minion control and more.

Two Genres One Game

Gas Powered Games, the developer of Demigod has done a good job of blending elements from both the Action RPG and RTS genre. There are two types of demigods to choose from; an assassin or a general. Assasin demigods generally have more powerful combat abilities and can be quite tough when going toe to toe with other demigods and minions. Generals on the other hand are more tactical and have the ability to call up minions to help them out during battle.

On the whole Demigod feels a little heavy on the RPG elements of game play while being a light on the RTS side of things. There is a great deal of depth in the RPG elements with a lot of flexibility in the powers and abilites you can select as well as the items and armor you purchase. For the RTS portion, however most of the minions on each side are basically AI bots that can not be micro-managed or take commands. they simply set out into battle on their own. Playing a general demigod does give you the ability to call up and command minions but it's not really on the scale that I was hoping for or expected.

Demigod's Look and Feel

Learning the game isn't too hard but the lack of an in-game tutorial sure doesn't make it any easier. With that said the game's interface is designed well and is fairly intuitive so most players should be able to pick it up relatively quickly. Some areas can be a little confusing at times as movement and melee combat is performed with a right click while special attacks and powers are performed with a left click. One particularly nice feature is that all powers, equipment slots and commands have a keyboard shortcut key clearly visible on your info/status bar.

As for the visuals and auditory aspects of the game, Demigod looks and sounds terrific. The graphics are top notch, character models of both minions and demigods are very detailed as are each of the arenas. In addition the fully 3d environment and camera ensure that you can view the action from any angle you like. Likewise the eerie sound effects and background music are also well done.

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer portion of Demigod allows for players to take their skirmish battles online with up to 10 players per game. Each of the single player skirmish mode victory conditions can be found in the multiplayer portion and include Conquest, Dominate, Slaughter and Fortress. Each of these modes have different victory conditions such as destroying the opposing team's Citadel or controlling flags, and more.

The lack of a single player story campaign puts a lot more emphasis on the multiplayer portion in determining if the game is worth the $40 expense. At the time of this writing, the multiplayer mode is off to a rough start but appears to be getting better. I first installed Demigod on the day of it's release and was unable to connect to anyone in a multiplayer game for 4 days. While it's gotten better since then there are still times when the game either will not connect or simply freezes in the multiplayer screens. Stardock has stated they are working on resolving these issues so I expect them to be fixed but there is always a risk.

Bottom Line

Demigod does have some issues to iron out in regards to the multiplayer portion, but that should not deter you from adding it to your collection. While I feel the RTS elements are a bit lacking and out of your control, the game does have a nice balance between strengths/weaknesses of the demigods and their dozens of different powers, magic and abilities to choose from. Overall there is enough fun, engaging, and fast paced game play to make Demigod worth a try.