Dell’s New Notebooks Were Designed for Hybrid Work

New Latitude and Precision laptops will be available later this year

Three new Dell laptops have been revealed, each designed with hybrid work and collaboration in mind.

Dell has announced its newest Latitude and Precision laptops, which it says have been built to cater to those in various types of hybrid work environments. The Latitude 9330, Precision 7670, and Precision 7770 boast added power and better security, housed within smaller and thinner (i.e., more portable) frames.

Dell Latitude 9330


In addition to being easier to carry, the Latitude 9330 also features a "collaboration touchpad" that offers additional touch areas that can control microphone, video, and screen share options. These areas will automatically activate during video meetings and shut off once those meetings are over, so you'll still have a full-sized trackpad to use most of the time.

The Precision 7670, meanwhile, offers two chassis options (thin or performance), so you can decide between better portability or a more powerful system. Either one will leave you with a 16-inch form factor, and plenty of other hardware options like memory and hard drive sizes are also available.

Dell Precision 7770


As for the Precision 7770, it's a 17-inch piece of hardware that doesn't offer multiple chassis to choose from, but its internal specs are just as configurable as the 7670. And both new Precision models will use what Dell refers to as Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM): a new physically thinner shape for DDR5 memory. Something Dell claims reduces the necessary size of the component without sacrificing performance.

According to Dell, the Latitude 9330 will be available worldwide this June, while the Precision 7670 and Precision 7770 are expected in the second quarter of the fiscal year (April through June). Pricing information has not been revealed for any of the new models yet, but Dell says more information will be provided closer to shipping.

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