Dell’s Latest Monitors Are Focused on Improving Productivity and Collaboration

Plus a Zoom-friendly keyboard and new rechargeable mouse

Dell has three new monitors—along with a new keyboard and mouse—on the way, with the intention of making work and collaboration a bit smoother.

Each of the new UltraSharp monitors offers something different, like the 34-inch Curved USB-C Hub U3423WE's multi-display functions, the 43-inch 4K USB-C Hub U4323QE's screen partitioning, or the 32-inch 6K U3224KB's higher color contrast. The same applies to the "Zoom certified" Premier Collaboration Keyboard (KB900), plus the Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900) and its claim to be able to work on a glass surface.

A desk setup with the Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor

Dell Inc

The 32-inch 6K U3224KB monitor offers high resolution and contrast (via IPS Black tech), which is great if you rely on color accuracy and near pixel-perfect details, but there's a bit more to it. A 4K HDR webcam that can make a number of video adjustments automatically, an echo-canceling microphone, and a pair of 14W speakers are also built-in. And it's designed to work with either Windows or Mac systems.

Then there's the 34-inch curved U3423WE, which has dual 5W speakers and can be used to display what's happening on two different computers simultaneously. Plus, when using it as a dual display, you can choose between Picture-by-Picture (split screen) or Picture-in-Picture (a smaller screen inside the larger one). Though the 43-inch 4K U4323QE takes it a bit further by offering up to four screen partitions displayed at once and supporting up to four different PC inputs at one time.

If you also need a keyboard, the KB900 offers what Dell calls "dedicated touch controls" for Zoom calls, specifically for muting, turning video on or off, screen sharing, etc. In addition, it also comes with up to 15 programmable keys, "one-minute" USB-C fast-charging, and backlighting that can detect when your hands get close. Meanwhile, the MS900 mouse claims to be able to track on glass (normally difficult for a laser or optical mouse) and supports four-way scrolling for increased navigation options.

You'll be able to get ahold of the 34-inch curved U3423WE and 43-inch 4K U4323QE monitors at the end of the month (January 31). While the other monitor—the 32-inch 6K U3224KB—is due out sometime within the "first half" of the year. As for the KB900 keyboard and MS900 mouse, each will be available individually starting January 31—or bundled together on May 11. As of publishing, Dell has not provided prices on any of these upcoming devices.

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