How to Get a Dell Student Discount

Don't miss out on deals while you're in school.

What to Know

  • Go to the UNiDAYS website. Menu > Join Now > set up your account > Join Now. Enter your school info> Continue > Follow the prompts.
  • On UNiDAYS, find the Dell offer, and press Redeem Online > Redeem Code > copy the code > Launch Website. Enter your code at checkout.

This article explains how to take advantage of Dell's student discount program through UNiDAYS and save yourself about 10 percent on your purchase of a Dell laptop for school.

How to Sign Up for the Dell Student Discount

Here's how to get set up with UNiDAYS so you can take advantage of the Dell student discount:

  1. Navigate to the UNiDAYS website and select the menu icon indicated by three horizontal lines ().

    The More menu on the Dell site
  2. Select Join now.

    The Join Now button
  3. Enter your email address, choose a password, then select Join now.

    A screenshot of Unidays.
  4. Enter your school information, then select Continue.

    A screenshot of the Unidays sign up process.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your verification process. If you aren't able to verify automatically, or if your school isn't listed, contact UNiDAYS to manually verify your account.

    UNiDAYS partners with a lot of major brands, including Apple, so signing up will provide you with a lot of discounts beyond just Dell.

How to Use Your Dell Student Discount

The Dell student discount uses UNiDAYS to generate single-use coupon codes. To take advantage of this, you need to use UNiDAYS to generate a code, then apply the code in your Dell shopping cart.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Navigate to the UNiDAYS website, locate a Dell offer, and select Redeem Online.

    If you don't see a Dell deal, try entering Dell into the search field.

    The Redeem Online button
  2. Select Redeem Code.

    A screenshot of the Unidays Dell discount.
  3. Copy your code, and select Launch Website.

    This code only works once, and it expires after a short amount of time.

    The code field and Launch Website button
  4. On the Dell website, locate a laptop or desktop that you want to buy. When you reach the checkout page, enter your coupon code and verify your discount. If the discount doesn't apply, try generating a new code. If that doesn't work, contact UNiDAYS for additional support.

Who is Eligible For the Dell Student Discount?

UNiDAYS has a couple of requirements that you need to meet if you want to take advantage of their Dell student discount codes. To qualify for this discount, you must be:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Currently enrolled at a college or university.
  • Access to either a .edu email issued by your school, or a credit card style student ID from your school.

Parents can't sign up for their children, so students younger than 16 are unable to use this discount even if they are enrolled at a qualifying school.

What Does the Dell Student Discount Get You?

The Dell student discount typically provides a 10 percent discount on Dell products, in addition to whatever other deals Dell may be running at the time. This amount can change, so make sure to check UNiDAYS to see what the current offer is before making a decision.

Coupon codes are generated through UNiDAYS and then applied in the shopping cart on Dell's site after verifying that you are a student. That means you will not see the discount reflected in prices on the Dell website prior to checkout.

How Does Dell Verify Student Enrollment?

Dell student discount coupon codes are available through UNiDAYS, which verifies your enrollment as a student. This service is able to verify enrollment at most four-year universities and colleges, and manual verification is available for many schools that aren't already in the system.

This same service is used by many other big companies, so signing up once can grant you access to a variety of student discounts from companies other than Dell.

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