Dell Inspiron 2200

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Dell's Inspiron 2200 laptop computer system is no longer produced by the company. If you are looking for a similarly sized laptop under $500, you can check out these 14 to 16-inch laptop selections. It may still be possible to find the Dell Inspiron 2200 in the secondhand market and this review is available for reference on the features available with it.

The Bottom Line

Oct 18, 2005 — While most budget computer systems tend to skimp on the processor included with them, the Dell Inspiron 2200 features a very strong Pentium M processor that allows it to have strong performance and good battery life. Of course, like many budget systems, it does drop a few ports and expansion options found on more expensive models.


  • Good Pentium M Processor
  • Customizable


  • Small 14.1-inch LCD for Budget Version
  • No Media Card Slot
  • Lacks FireWire


  • Intel Pentium M 735 (1.7GHz) Processor
  • 512MB PC2700 DDR Memory
  • 40GB 4200rpm Hard Drive
  • 24x CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
  • 14.1-inch XGA (1024x768) LCD and Intel GMA 900 Integrated Graphics with 128MB Shared Memory
  • AC'97 Audio
  • v.92 56Kbps Modem, 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11g Wireless
  • Three USB 2.0 and One Type II PC Card Slot
  • 13" x 10.6" x 1.5" @ 6.0 lbs.
  • Windows XP Home, Word Perfect 12, McAfee Security Center

Guide Review — Dell Inspiron 2200

Oct 18, 2005 — Dell's Inspiron 2200 kind of resides between its budget 1200 model and their more expensive 6000 series. Some of the versions do classify as a budget notebook and it is these specifications that are covered in this review. It should be noted that this is a larger and heavier system typical of a 15-inch display. This is essentially because Dell uses the same overall chassis but fits in a smaller 14.1-inch display in the cover which results in a larger bezel around the display. It would have been nice if they designed a smaller chassis to match the display but this was likely done to help reduce production costs.

Powering the budget Inspiron 2200 is the Intel Pentium M 735 (1.7GHz) processor. This is a much more powerful processor than what is typically found in the budget notebook category that is typically powered by the budget oriented Celeron line. It is matched up with 512MB of PC2700 DDR memory that should be sufficient for running most applications but it is certainly not going to used for really demanding applications such as Photoshop.

Storage on the Inspiron 2200 is average. It comes with a 40GB hard drive for file storage and a 24x CD-RW/DVD combo drive. This means that the Inspiron 2200 can play DVD movies and also have the ability to create data or music CDs. Most notebook computers now though are shipping with integrated media card readers for flash memory cards used in digital peripherals. Unfortunately, Dell still has not included this in its budget computers. It does feature three USB 2.0 ports but does not feature the FireWire port that is common for transferring video from digital camcorders.

Graphics on the Inspiron 2200 are a bit mixed. The system is designed to use either a 15-inch or 14.1-inch LCD panel. In the case of the budget systems, it uses the smaller 14.1-inch LCD screen even though the case dimensions are for the larger 15-inch screen. Driving the graphics are the Intel GMA 900 integrated graphics. This is fine for 2D graphics and basic 3D graphics, but don't be expecting to play and 3D games.

Overall, the Inspiron 2200 with the 14.1-inch display is a decent system because of the stronger processor but you are sacrificing the display and the size of the system in order to get the faster processor.