Dell Focuses on Sustainability With Latitude 5000 Series

New laptops incorporate many environmentally friendly materials

Dell's Latitude 5000 series laptops claim to be the company's most sustainable laptops so far, integrating a number of recycled materials in its components, as well as its packaging.

According to Dell, the Latitude 5000 series is its most popular PC, so it would provide the largest impact when using sustainable and recycled elements, which feeds into Dell's goal to significantly reduce its environmental impact by 2030.

Dell Latitude 5520 laptop


A short breakdown from Dell goes over many of the Latitude 5000 series' sustainable components, which include reclaimed carbon fiber and using a larger amount of ocean plastics than before. The "feet" of the laptops are also being made from a renewable rubber substitute made from castor bean oil.

Finally, the lids use recycled plastics, tree-based bioplastics, and reclaimed carbon fiber, which Dell states adds up to 71% of the part being made from recyclable/renewable materials.

Dell Latitude 5420 laptop


Packaging is also a big focus of Dell's sustainability push, which it claims is both constructed from 100% recycled/renewable materials and is also 100% recyclable itself. The new packaging replaces plastics with paper alternatives and uses an inner tray made from bamboo and sugar cane. Even the tape, which is typically plastic-based, is being switched out for paper-based adhesive strips.

The new packaging is already set to roll out with all of Dell's new Latitude 5000 laptops, Precision workstations, and XPS devices. The sustainable construction developed for the Latitude 5000 series is also being incorporated with other Dell products, including Precision 3000 workstations and OptiPlex Micro desktops.

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