How to Delete a YouTube Channel

A quick and painless way to get rid of your YouTube channel for good

You don't need a YouTube channel to continue using YouTube for your own pleasure. If you no longer want or need to upload videos of your own or create playlists, deleting that old channel might be a good idea to help clean up your online presence.

Without a channel, you can still subscribe to other channels, leave comments on other videos, add videos to your Watch Later section and all the other things associated with using YouTube. This is because your YouTube account is associated with your Google account, so as long as you keep using YouTube through your Google account, it doesn't matter whether you have a channel or not.

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Access Your YouTube Settings

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Navigate to in a web or mobile browser and sign in to your account. Although you can delete your YouTube account and all of its data from the official YouTube mobile app, you can only delete channels from the web.

Select your user account icon in the top right corner of the screen and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

If you have multiple YouTube channels on the same account, make sure you're accessing the settings for the right one. To switch to a different channel, click Switch account from the drop-down menu, select the channel you want, and then repeat the above instructions to access its settings. 

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Access Your Advanced Settings

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On the next page, select the Advanced settings option in the vertical menu on the left. You'll be taken to a new page with all of your channel settings.

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Delete Your Channel

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Look for the Delete channel link at the bottom of the Advanced settings page and select it. Your Google account, Google products (such as Gmail, Drive, etc.) and other existing channels associated with it won't be affected.

You'll be asked to sign into your Google account again for verification.

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Confirm That You Want to Delete Your Channel

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 On the following page, you'll be given two options:

  • I want to hide my content
  • I want to permanently delete my content

You can choose to simply hide all of your channel content like videos and playlists, however your channel page, name, art and icon, likes and subscriptions will remain unhidden. If you'd prefer to go with this option, select I want to hide my content, check the boxes to confirm you understand, and then select the blue Hide My Content button.

If you're ready to go ahead and delete your entire channel and all of its data, then select I want to permanently delete my content. check the boxes to confirm you understand and then select the blue Delete My Content button

You'll be asked one last time to confirm the deletion by typing your channel name into the given field before clicking Delete My Content. Remember that once you've clicked this, it cannot be undone.

You can now return to, sign into your account using your Google account details and confirm that your channel is gone by selecting your account user icon in the top right corner followed by clicking Switch account. If you have multiple channels, the other channels should appear there while the one that you deleted should be gone.

You can see a list of your channels associated with your Google account and Brand accounts by navigating to your​ Settings and selecting See all my channels or create a new channel. Accounts of channels that you deleted will still appear here unless you choose to delete those accounts as well.

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