How to Delete a Yandex.Mail Account

Delete button on a keyboard
Goldmund Lukic / Getty Images

If you're a Yandex.mail user, you know that the popular free email client from Russia-based Yandex offers many of the same features—such as POP, IMAP, filtering, and unlimited storage—as other email heavyweights. Still, should you need to close your account, Yandex makes the process fairly straightforward. It's permanent, too: It will delete your account and all associated messages (including ​folders and labels).

Here's how to cancel your Yandex.mail account:

  1. Log in to the Yandex.mail account you want to delete.

  2. Select your email address and avatar near the top right corner of Yandex.Mail.

  3. Select Passport from the menu that appears.

  4. Follow the Delete account link under Personal information.

  5. Review the list under The following Yandex services are currently active on your account. Copy any data you want to keep from any of these services. Yandex will delete all data listed.

  6. Enter the answer to your security question under Answer.

  7. Enter your Yandex.Mail password under Password.

  8. Type the letters and numbers from the Captcha image under Enter the symbols from the picture on the left.

  9. Select Delete account.

  10. Select Continue.

That's it. Your Yandex.mail account is closed. From this point on, no one will be able to re-create an account using your credentials, and anyone sending email to the account will receive a delivery failure message.