A Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting the Offline Gmail Cache Data

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What to Know

  • In Chrome address bar, enter chrome://settings/siteData and press Enter. Scroll until you see mail.google.com, select the trash can.
  • To clear all site data and cookies, select Remove all instead.
  • To turn off offline email, in Gmail go to Settings > See all settings > Offline > uncheck Enable offline mail.

This article explains how to clear your Gmail offline cache data. Additional information covers how to clear all saved site data.

How to Remove Gmail Offline Cache Files

To remove your offline data saved by Gmail:

  1. Open Chrome, go to the address bar, enter chrome://settings/siteData, and press Enter.

    To use the Chrome menu, select the three-dot icon and choose Settings. Scroll down, select Privacy and Security, then choose Clear browsing data. Check the box for Cached images and files and then click the Clear data button.

  2. In the list of site data and cookies stored in your Chrome browser, go to mail.google.com and select the trash can icon. This will delete everything coming from Gmail, including your backed up mail.

    Chrome Settings with the button to delete mail.google.com info highlighted
  3. To clear all site data and cookies, select Remove All. This ensures that all your offline mail is gone. It also erases site data from all sites you've visited and signs you out of sites.

    Google Chrome settings with the Remove All cookies and site data button highlighted
  4. If you chose to remove all site data and cookies, select Clear All to remove all the Gmail Offline data and the other cookies stored in Chrome.

    Clear all site data in Chrome settings
  5. In Gmail, go to Settings > See all settings > Offline.

    Gmail settings with the Offline heading highlighted
  6. Clear the Enable offline email check box to disable Gmail offline mode.

    Gmail Offline settings with the "Enable offline mail" box highlighted

How to Remove Data From the Gmail Offline App

If you use the Gmail Offline app for Chrome, there is another way to remove your offline data.

  1. Go to the Chrome URL address bar and enter chrome://apps.

  2. Right-click or tap-and-hold the Gmail Offline option and choose Remove from Chrome.

  3. Choose Remove.

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