How to Delete Streamlabs on Mac

Deleting the app from the Applications folder is all you need to do

What to Know

  • Locate Streamlabs in the Application folder, right-click the icon, and select Move to Trash
  • Click Finder menu > Empty Trash to remove the app.

This article explains how to delete Streamlabs on a Mac, including how to uninstall the app and then remove any remaining traces.

How to Uninstall Streamlabs From a Mac

Uninstalling Streamlabs works the same as deleting an app on your Mac, and the basic method of dragging it to the trash is typically all you need to do. That’s where you should start, and then you can delete individual elements if the need arises.

Here’s how to uninstall Streamlabs from your Mac:

  1. Right click Streamlabs on the dock, and click Quit.

  2. Open Finder, and click Applications.

    Applications in the macOS Finder
  3. Locate Streamlabs, and right click it.

    Streamlabs in the macOS Applications folder
  4. Click Move to Trash.

    The "Move to Trash" option in macOS

    If you see a message that you can’t delete Streamlabs, make sure the app is closed.

  5. Click Finder > Empty Trash on the menu bar.

    The "Empty Trash" option in the macOS Finder
  6. Click Empty Trash.

    Empty Trash highlighted on macOS.
  7. Streamlabs is now uninstalled.

How to Delete All Traces of Streamlabs From a Mac

In most cases, it’s fine to just uninstall Streamlabs using the method described above and move on. However, Streamlabs may have left some configuration, support, and preference files on your Mac. If you want to remove all traces of Streamlabs from your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open Finder, and click Go > Go to Folder on the menu bar.

    The "Go to Folder" command in the macOS Finder
  2. Type /Library, and press enter.

    Library highlighted in Finder Go to Folder.
  3. Type "Streamlabs" in the search field, then right click any Streamlabs-related files, and select Move to Trash.

    Move to Trash highlighted in macOS.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 using the following folders instead of /Library:

    • /Library/Application Support
    • /Library/Preferences
    • /Library/Caches/
    • /Library/LaunchAgents
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons
    • /Library/PreferencePanes
    • /Library/StartupItems

How to Automatically Remove All Traces of a macOS App

If you don’t have a lot of experience tracking down traces of an uninstalled app, it can be difficult to know exactly where to look and exactly what to delete. You’re typically safe if you limit yourself to deleting files named the same thing as the app, but there is a chance you could accidentally delete something important that isn’t actually related to the app you’re trying to remove.

There’s no way to automatically remove traces of an app when you delete the app, but you can use a tool like AppDelete to automate the process. AppDelete is a utility that deletes an app you’re done with, like Streamlabs, and simultaneously finds and removes every related file so you don’t need to search for them manually.

What to Do if You Can’t Uninstall Streamlabs

If you receive a message that Streamlabs is in use and can’t be deleted, there are a few things you can try. In most cases, this error happens because Streamlabs is currently running, or because there is a stuck process. When that happens, try these fixes:

  • Press Option + Command + Esc > Streamlabs > Force Quit > Force Quit.
  • Open Activity Monitor > Streamlabs > X icon > Force Quit.
  • Reboot into Safe Mode, then attempt to move Streamlabs to the trash and empty the trash while in Safe Mode.
  • How do I cancel Streamlabs Prime?

    First, log in to your Streamlabs account in a web browser. Then, go to Account Settings > Manage Subscription > Cancel Streamlabs. You may need to click a few times before your choice sticks.

  • How do I fix dropped frames in Streamlabs?

    Dropped frames can occur when your internet doesn't have the bandwidth to stream successfully. Make sure nothing intensive is happening on your network, including streaming movies and music. You should also turn off a VPN if you have one active. If this doesn't help, you can also turn down your bitrate to decrease the bandwidth Streamlabs needs, but doing so will affect your stream quality.

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