How to Delete Reminders on iPhone

Clean up your reminder list to free space and stay organized

What to Know

  • Open the Reminders app. Tap and slide your finger to the left on the reminder you want to delete; select the Delete icon when it appears.
  • Delete an entire Reminder list: Open the list, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and then tap Delete List.
  • Delete completed tasks: Open the Reminders app and select All > tap Clear next to the number of completed tasks > select date range.

The article teaches you how to delete individual reminders, a list of reminders, and completed reminders in the Reminders app in iOS 15.

How Do I Permanently Delete Reminders on iPhone?

The Reminders app on iOS 15 is a helpful tool for creating a to-do list or keeping up with things you don't want to forget, but occasionally you need to clear it out, so it doesn't get too bulky, or you may have created a reminder you later find you don't need. Either way, deleting reminders only requires a few steps.

To permanently delete a single reminder, follow these instructions.

  1. Open the Reminder app.

  2. Select the list that contains the reminder you want to delete.

  3. Tap and hold on the reminder you want to delete, then slide it slightly to the left. This should open a menu of options.

  4. Tap Delete.

    Alternatively, while you're holding on to the reminder you want to delete, you can slide it to the left, and it will automatically be deleted.

    Screenshots showing how to delete a single reminder on iPhone.

Reminder App Settings

In addition to the Delete option, you'll also find options for Details and Flag.

  • Details: Tapping Details will open an editing screen that lets you add Notes or a URL, change the date and time the task is due, add tags, a location, show the reminder when messaging with someone, flag the reminder, add a priority, change the list the reminder is assigned to, or add subtasks or images to the reminder. If you make any changes on this screen, be sure to tap Done when finished to save your changes.
  • Flag: This option adds a flag to your reminder to help you remember it. It also automatically adds the reminder to the Flagged reminders list.

How Do I Delete All Reminders?

Deleting all reminders can mean a couple of different things. You might be trying to delete all the reminders in a specific list, or you might be trying to delete all the reminders you've completed. Each has slightly different steps to accomplish.

How to Delete All Reminders But Keep the List

You have two options if you want to delete all the active reminders in a specific list but not delete the list. You can individually tap and hold, then slide each reminder to the left to delete it. It's a slow process. However, there might be a faster way, but it's somewhat limited.

  1. Open the Reminders app and select one of the four predefined reminder categories. They include:

    • Today
    • Scheduled
    • All
    • Flagged
  2. Then tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Tap Select Reminders.

    Screenshots showing how to select reminders in the iOS Reminders app.
  4. Tap the reminders you want to delete. This will add a checkmark to the reminder.

  5. When you're done selecting reminders, tap the trash can icon.

  6. Then tap Delete Reminder(s) to confirm and delete.

    Screenshots showing how to delete reminders in the iPhone Reminders app.

How to Delete a Whole Reminder List

If you don't mind deleting the whole reminder list, you can also use this method.

  1. Open Reminders.

  2. Open the list you want to delete.

  3. Tap the three dot menu in the upper-right corner to open the menu.

    Screens that illustrate how to delete a reminder list in iOS 15.
  4. Tap Delete List.

  5. Then tap Delete List again to confirm you want to delete the list, and it will be completely deleted.

    If you want to create a new list, all you need to do is open Reminders and tap Add List at the bottom of the screen.

    Screenshots that show deleting a reminder list on iOS 15.

An alternate way to delete a complete list of tasks is to tap & hold, then slide the list title to the left to open the list options. There you will see an information icon and a trash icon. Tap the trash icon to delete the entire list.

How to Delete All Completed Reminders

If you want to keep your active reminders but delete all of the reminders that you've completed, these are the steps you would follow for that process.

  1. To clear all completed tasks from all your lists, open the Reminders app and then select All.

  2. In the list that appears, next to the number of completed tasks, tap Clear.

  3. A menu of options appears. Choose the time from which you want to clear your completed tasks. Your options include:

    • Older Than a Month
    • Older Than 6 Months
    • Older Than a Year
    • All Completed
  4. Click the confirmation message that appears and the reminders you have selected will be completed.

    Screenshots showing how to delete Completed Reminders in iOS 15.
  • How do I set reminders on an iPhone?

    To set reminders on an iPhone, open the Reminders app and select New Reminder. Enter a title for the reminder and type any notes. Add date and time information; optionally, select Details to choose date, time, and location settings. Select Add to save the reminder.

  • How do I share reminders on an iPhone?

    You can share reminder lists with specific people. First, open the reminder list and tap Edit to rearrange or delete items. To share the reminder list, select Add People, choose how you want to share the list, and then select your recipients. You can also sync your reminders across all your iOS mobile devices.

  • How do I sync reminders on iPhone and Mac?

    Your reminders should sync automatically across your Mac and iOS devices. If they're not syncing, ensure each device is running the latest iOS or macOS. Also, check your internet connection, ensure date and time settings are all correct, check that you're signed into the same Apple ID on all devices,

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