How to Delete a Reddit Account

There is no deactivation, only deletion, so think twice before you act

What to Know

  • On Reddit's site: Click user icon > User Settings > Delete Account, check the box, and click DELETE
  • In mobile app: Tap your user icon > Settings > Delete account > Yes, delete

This article explains how to delete your Reddit account, including some tips for what to do if you really just want to take a break.

How Do I Permanently Delete My Reddit Account?

You can permanently delete your Reddit account at any time through the Reddit website or the app. This is a permanent action, and your account is immediately removed as soon as you finish the process.

Here’s how to permanently delete your Reddit account on the website:

  1. Click your user icon on the Reddit website.

    The user icon highlighted in the upper right corner of Reddit.
  2. Click User Settings.

    User Settings highlighted in the Reddit user menu
  3. Click Delete Account. You may be prompted to provide your username and password, or if you're logged in through a third-party app such as Google, you may need to create a password before proceeding.

    DELETE ACCOUNT highlighted on Reddit
  4. Check the box next to I understand that deleted accounts aren’t recoverable, then click DELETE.

    The confirmation check box and DELETE highlighted on Reddit

How to Delete a Reddit Account on Android

You can also delete your Reddit account directly through the iOS or Android app on your phone or tablet if you prefer to use the app over the website. This process is also immediate and irreversible, so only delete your Reddit account if you’re sure that’s what you want to do.

Here’s how to delete your Reddit account through the Android app:

  1. Tap your user icon in the Reddit app.

  2. Tap Settings.

    User icon and Settings highlighted in Reddit app
  3. Tap Delete account.

  4. Tap Yes, delete.

    Delete account and Yes, Delete highlighted in the Reddit app

How to Temporarily Deactivate a Reddit Account

Some websites and apps, like Twitter, allow you to temporarily deactivate an account to take a break, but there is no way to do so with Reddit. The only way to deactivate an account is to delete it, and deleting a Reddit account is permanent.

Additionally, deleting your Reddit account doesn’t actually delete any of your posts, it just deletes your profile and replaces your username with [Deleted]. If you want to delete your Reddit posts in addition to your account, you need to delete each individual post or use a plugin that replaces all of your posts with blank or placeholder text.

If you want to take a break from Reddit, there are some options that don’t involve deleting your account. For example, you might consider:

  • Removing the app from your phone, or disabling notifications. If your goal is to take a break from social media, removing social media apps from your phone, or disabling notifications, can help break the habit of constantly checking in.
  • Manually switching off your online status. If you're having trouble with people messaging you, hiding your online status will prevent them from seeing you're online.
  • Blocking users if they are harassing or bothering you. If other users are harassing you, you can get some relief by reporting them to Reddit and then blocking them.
  • Changing your chat and messaging settings so that nobody can send you chat requests or private messages. If you're feeling overwhelmed with people messaging you even if you appear offline, you can set it so nobody can send you messages on Reddit.
  • How do I delete my Reddit search history?

    For the website, you can clear your search history by clearing your browser's form history. Alternatively, click the search bar to pull up a list of things you've searched recently. Click the X to the right of each item to remove it. Use this second option to clear things from your history in the app.

  • How do I delete a Reddit post?

    Go to your account, and click or tap the Posts tab. Choose the three-dot item next to the post you want to delete, and then select Delete. These instructions work in both browser and mobile versions of Reddit.

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