How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube

Have too many playlists? Removing one from your computer or phone is easy

What to Know

  • Desktop: Library > View full playlist > menu > Delete playlist.
  • Android: Library > tap playlist > menu > Delete playlist > Delete.
  • iOS: Library > tap playlist > trash icon > DELETE.

This article details how to delete a playlist on YouTube. You can permanently delete one you've created and remove from your library a playlist you've added from another user. The instructions work for all desktop browsers and the mobile app for Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

How Do I Delete a Playlist From YouTube on My Computer?

Open the playlist's settings to find the Delete playlist option. It's how you remove the playlists you've created.

  1. Open Library by selecting it from the left panel. If you don't have the page open, you can follow this link to go directly to your YouTube Library.

    Library in the YouTube desktop menu
  2. Scroll down to the Playlists section, and select View full playlist below the one you want to delete.

    View Full Playlist in YouTube library page
  3. Locate the summary section on the left, under the playlist's title, open the three-dot menu and choose Delete playlist.

    Three dot menu and Delete in YouTube playlist options

    Don't see this option? You probably selected the playlist title or thumbnail in the previous step. Repeat step 2, and be sure to choose the correct link.

How Do I Delete a Playlist From YouTube in the App?

The YouTube app works much like the desktop website, but the menu options are in different places.

  1. Tap Library from the bottom menu bar.

  2. Scroll to Playlists, and tap the one you're going to delete.

  3. On Android, select the three-dot menu at the top right, and choose Delete playlist.

    Library, Three dot menu, and Delete playlist in Android YouTube app

    On iOS or iPadOS, tap the trash can icon.

    Trach can delete playlist icon on iPad YouTube app
  4. Confirm the prompt by tapping Delete.

Can't Delete a YouTube Playlist?

There's a playlist-like collection called Watch later in every YouTube account that appears to be a playlist, but it's built-in, so you can't delete it. You can add videos to it, but you can't delete the entire collection. If you want to remove watch later videos, the best thing you can do is to delete the videos you've already watched. Look for Remove watched videos from the menu in that playlist (step 3 above).

Other playlists you might struggle to remove are ones that you've added to your library from another user. If Delete playlist is missing when you complete the above steps, select the playlist button on the left instead of the menu button at step 3.

Remove from Library in YouTube playlist library

Alternatives to Deleting a Playlist

Deleting a whole YouTube playlist is permanent. You can always rebuild it later, but you don't want to make that mistake if you have a lot of videos saved.

Here are two options to avoid immediately erasing all those videos:

Merge Playlists

If you'd rather all the playlist's videos be in a different playlist, YouTube provides such an option. It's called Add all to, and when you select it, all the videos from one playlist will be copied to a different playlist.

For example, maybe you've been unwittingly editing two different playlists at various times because they have a similar name, but now you want to merge them. Everything from the first playlist will go into the second one, and then you can delete the first to avoid confusion in the future.

Repeat steps 1-3 of the desktop directions above to merge playlists. In step 3, instead of removing the playlist, choose Add all to, and select where to copy the videos.

Add to all YouTube playlist option

Remove Specific Videos Only

An alternative solution to slimming down your playlists is to remove individual videos out of them. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Repeat the first two steps above, and when you see the list of videos, use the three-dot menu next to the video to find the Remove from option.
  • Visit the video's regular streaming page, select Save, and remove the check from the box next to the playlist name. Or, from the app, tap-and-hold Save/Saved and remove the check. Android users have one more step: tap Done.
Remove from Work Music option in YouTube playlist
  • How do I add videos to my YouTube playlists?

    Under the video, select Save. All of your playlists will appear as options in the pop-up menu. You also have the option to create a new YouTube playlist.

  • How do I reverse a YouTube playlist?

    Install the Reverse YouTube Playlist extension for Google Chrome to add a reverse button to your playlists. You can also select the three dots beside each video from your library to manually change their order.

  • How do I share a YouTube playlist?

    Start the playlist, then copy the URL in the address bar and paste the link wherever you want. To allow someone else to add videos from your Library, select the three dots under the playlist and choose Collaborate.

  • How do I download a YouTube playlist?

    You can download YouTube videos with YouTube Premium. The option to download videos appears under the video player. You can also download YouTube videos on Android with third-party apps.

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