How to Delete Photos on a BlackBerry PlayBook

When describing the BlackBerry PlayBook’s interface, the word “different” comes to mind. And while it’s undoubtedly a nice breath of fresh air, figuring out how to do stuff can be quite tricky.

Take erasing a photo from your tablet for instance. Erasing a photo from other touch interfaces typically involves bringing the photo up, touching and holding either the image or an icon somewhere and voila — a "delete" option for your image appears.

But that isn’t the case for the BlackBerry.

Bezel Swiping is Your Friend

To start, swipe downward from the top bezel of your BlackBerry PlayBook. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

To delete a photo from Research in Motion’s tablet, you’ll first need to swipe down from the top bezel while the photo is highlighted. Go ahead. Swipe from the top down and you’ll see.

Tap the Garbage Can Icon on the BlackBerry PlayBook Drop Down Menu

Tap the garbage can icon on the upper right screen of your BlackBerry PlayBook. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Once you swipe downward from the top bezel, you’ll bring up a drop-down, horizontal window that shows your images. 

Once the offending image is highlighted, turn your attention toward the top right of the BlackBerry PlayBook screen. See that garbage can icon? 

Delete the Image from Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Tap the 'Delete' button to erase the highlighted image. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Tap the garbage icon and your BlackBerry PlayBook will bring up a pop-up window giving you the choice for either “Cancel” or “Delete.”

Once you tap the correct button, your image will be gone for good.